Cow and Calf Run—-Tuesday, February 20, 2017

babies-001We are seeing more and more of those darling little calves

babies-002There are 100 cows

babuSo by the time farming starts

first-black-calf(First black baby)
getting-upThere should be 100 calves.

in-the-brushThat’s provided there are no problems along the way

just-bornSo far there are no twins, or situations, where the calf becomes a bottle baby

sweetIt seems like everyone is a good mother…which is a very good thing.  That means they are attentive to their calf; make sure the calf is fed and close by.

babysitter-cowAnd, if it must be, there is always one or two cows who adore the calves.  We call these cows the babysitter cows—you see, if you just must run to the water hole, or go hang out with the girls at the Upper End, you can always leave your calf with …. the babysitter.  She adores all calves and takes very good care of yours and hers.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



37 thoughts on “Cow and Calf Run—-Tuesday, February 20, 2017

    • There are only 100 here. Mr. Davis has about 500. We have the first, second, third year cows always. After that we don’t see them. But they love coming here, this is their first home the second they are born!

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  1. Good morning. The pix are so sweet & peaceful I want to hug ”em all. Yes, I know better. A family milk cow is a whole different thing. I’m so glad you love photographing your farm & all that goes with it.
    I live 4 miles from the Tejon Ranch (the largest contiguous ranch in the 50 state). They run beef cattle. Right now the cows & calves are in the pastures next to the I-5 freeway. I love seeing them when I go to Bakersfield to on errands.
    Can you believe my neighborhood had 5.5 in. of rain over the weekend! What a muddy, rocky mess. Our town’s water system took the biggest hit. All that rainwater going downhill carried away the dirt over our water lines. All of us were without water from several hours (me) to a couple of days. The tree, shrubs, and weeds are singing with happiness.
    Have a wonderful day & give Boomer a pat for me. Hugs, Sandy

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    • Oh, my goodness! I have seen many flood stories coming out of California. Thank you for letting me know you are okay. Not having water is horrid, but green growing things is a delight!


  2. Good informative post, Linda.
    The hereford x angus horned cow in picture #2 would
    certainly give a predator a good jab for their trouble.
    I’d be putting my money on the cow.

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