A Gift — February 23, 2017

loggingOne of our son-in-laws (the logger) brought in a load of logs he wondered if we would like to have for our woodpile.

woodSo Terry and he worked out a pretty cool financial deal for both of us—money for him and wood for next year’s winter’s use for us.

sun-waking-upSo waking up early…it’s earlier now, because I wake-up by the lightness of the sky, we ate breakfast, bundled up (there is a nasty chill wind blowing here) and headed out to cut and load wood.

That’s why I’m late getting to my blog…we cut and loaded and unloaded two loads of wood before we got back to our regularly schedule life. ๐Ÿ™‚

We had many, many loads to go. ย Terry wants to get it all cut and hauled by before he starts farm work in 10 days. ย Lots more loads toย go.

woodCome August we should NOT have to be cutting and hauling firewood!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



42 thoughts on “A Gift — February 23, 2017

  1. Excellent! It seems intimidating to me, to think of that big logging truck rolling into the front yard!
    We had a hydraulic log splitter at the farm I worked at, it hooked up to the tractor’s PTO and off it went! Scary, however, as bits could go flying. It could only take about a 3, 4ft log, too.

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  2. Wow that’s great. It’s a lot of work for you now but it will be well worth it before you know it. What a smart-thinking son-in-law you have. Thanks for the great blog. Love those baby cows too!

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  3. What a wonderful gift and some hard work ahead for the next few days! We’ve been tearing out old fence and cutting up the locust fence post for next years firewood too. It’s makes for a very hot fire. Eddie has also found some downed trees close by and brought in enough to fill up the woodhouse again once it’s split. Always something to do and I sure have enjoyed the last few days of 60-70 degree weather! We’ve got a lot done and will do the same today. Have a great weekend!

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  4. that’s SOME PIXURE of the truck, prezooomably up on the Uncompahgre! neet blizzard shot! (brrrr) & i’m always impressed by people who can do long stints of chain-saw work! (I generally am considering quitting after 5 – 10 minutes)

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  5. I’m assuming you have a sharp chain saw and a good hydraulic log splitter. No other way to get all that done. What kind of wood was it? I miss a wood fire. I’m in a manufactured home so I’m a bit leery of them here. Wind is the worst.

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