Everything’s on Hold—-Monday, March 6, 2017


Yesterday a huge wind blew in.  A huge, blustery wind…a wind complete with 40 m.p.h. gusts.

babysitter-cowThe air was so wild and throbbing it left all of us breathless and feeling as if we could float away weightless in the trembling power of the wind.  The wind so harsh and strong it felt like everything would blow away.  Even the trees were groaning in despair.


This morning’s sunrise eased the throbbing of the night


Snow arrived whispering to all of us winter is still here.  Rubbing the edges of the night— as it faded into day, making the air feel like sandpaper.

tractor-workAll outside work has come to a stop.


Tally-waving-to-Grandpa(This is an old photo, but I loved her look of wonder.  We were taking a train ride to Glenwood Springs, Colorado when I took this.)

One of the pulsing beats of our collective hearts arrived last night to spend the day and night with us.  We will take her to Grand Junction, Colorado this afternoon to her violin lessons; afterwhich her Mom will pick her up and take her back to Parachute, Colorado.

Sometimes things come along which are— just the answer to what “to do” when the weather stops work. 🙂

From our world to your heart!




22 thoughts on “Everything’s on Hold—-Monday, March 6, 2017

  1. Heads up, Linda. Blowing and snowing right now. We are under winter storm watch. Yesterday huge flock of wild swans landed headed north. They had a terrific tail wind today. Towhees stopped by for a few days to rest up and eat bird seed before traveling north again, too. Try to stay warm.

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