The Soft Susurrus as the Night Gathers—-Tuesday, March 14, 2017

There is a silence, which descends on the land, as the day starts to fade and night begins creeping into all the corners of the earth

Although the day time sounds are muted.  But darkness, you understand,  is not silent…small melodious voices break out through all the long time, of that mysterious shadowy time of sleep.

Invisible intimate sounds: the hoot of an owl, a squeak of a scurrying mouse, a nightbird calling;the howl of a distant coyote…are a constant flicker at the edge of hearing.

There are those who feel an uneasiness in the night. But not I….

I find a late night walk (among those creatures of the land) a rather comforting journey of peace.

From my world to your heart,




22 thoughts on “The Soft Susurrus as the Night Gathers—-Tuesday, March 14, 2017

  1. Lovely to see someone in flp flops walking in the night…when it was and si below zero here still this morning in Minnesota!! tee hee I know that the month we get of summer in Minnesota is probably the most gloriosu in the entire USA……it is indescribable..10,000 lakes for us sparkling in the light silver and glorious, moonlight on the waters…bullfrogs croaking and loon calls the tip of it all in their glory. Hit up the sound it is life changing……..but ahhh right now for a draught of spring I come here to see you and Boomer out on the night walk…hear the soft sounds..and feel the breezes……of Love and God’s glorious creation all around you…ahhhh basking in that..thank you smiles and much LOVE Merri

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  2. A breathtaking description of the day into night. ”senior hiker” said it better than I could, that 1rst photo is stunning. Sandy
    Are you ready for some more soap yet?

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  3. Outstanding, Linda — once again. I sure remember those twilight times you describe, from our place up on Garnet Mesa. I especially remember the sound — more the feeling of the sound — the overhead power lines made at this time of day, vibrating from the breeze I suppose.
    You have an amazing talent.

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