No! Said with Exquisite Politeness—Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It’s supposed to freeze tonight and tomorrow night!  There go the blooming fruit trees…pears and some of the plumbs.  But the part that is the worst is the loss of the Lilac blooms again…this year.  Sigh!

Still we strung wire to open up a new pasture for Romeo.  Worked on a fence or two next to the new pasture for Romeo…yes we are always fencing some place on the farm. Hauled some old railroad ties to the house where I want to make some flower beds with them.

And today Terry started marking out the corn ground.  The little pole things you see at the side of the marker are called Scribes…one goes down on one side, then it goes down on the other side after he turns around and starts back.  Scribes are to help Terry make straight rows.

We are moving along.  Once the corn ground is marked out, he will then mark out the alfalfa field, make a couple of waste ditches and we are good to go to start water.

By this weekend.  In spite of rain or snow or freezing wind…we will be officially in the growing season.

So I say to Old Man Winter…No.  No more.  Fling yourself away and rest somewhere at the North Pole.

It’s time for warmth to stay!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


22 thoughts on “No! Said with Exquisite Politeness—Tuesday, April 4, 2017

  1. When I was in California, they said the way to keep buds from freezing was to put regular christmas lights on them. Just enough heat to help. I’m trying it on a peach tree.

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  2. Oh Linda, what a heartbreak… can you put a sheet over the lilac to protect it so you get the glory of the flowers and scent… has google got any suggestions for protecting the fruit trees.. I have heard of all sorts of ideas that I’ve dismissed as old wives tales… but maybe…love, Valerie

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  3. I wonder if it would be worth doing what the old time orchardists in Europe did, which was to have braziers with small smudge fires going, so that the wind blew the warm smoke into the trees. It made just enough warmth to stop the flowers and buds freezing. Having the fire in a metal container stopped sparks flying and causing the fire to spread.

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  4. this a.m. went up 141 to Divide road to hike up “Quarry Road”. a bit of fresh snow on the ground! (but it’s 8k’ – some up there). Dogs had fun, unfortunately (for me) there were lots of muddy puddles. what we worry about here is not so much our property, but the fruit industries in Palisade!

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  5. Yes no more man winter .. get down to the South! Gosh you two are such busy busy people! I was just telling Andrew what you have been doing. When our fruit trees pop their blossoms in spring .. the rotten wind comes along and blows them away! Not all of them though .. 😃 thankfully

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