A Small Solid Word—-Thursday, April 6, 2017

Every season has it’s own set of rules…it’s own ‘way’ of being and doing.  I’m sure this is true, not just on a farm, but for everyone.

Yesterday we hand-worked (or back worked) on the forever and ever amount, of ditches that can NOT be cleaned by the blade or the ditcher.

Terry worked in the lemon colored sunshine, using the shovel to clear last year’s mud and this February’s cow patties.

While I go first with the pitchfork…lifting and stacking the myriad assortment of weed collected in the ditches over the winter.

The pungent odor of dried stems, the faint whiff of dust…all adds to the slide of the pitchfork under the debris, the fling of trash to the other side;  making a little pile to dispose of later.

The fresh gusts of spring-time wind give me a tiny burst of celebration, since the breeze helps move the dried out weeds off my pitchfork helping me move faster.

In the evening I walk Romeo back to his barn–he and I are great friends.  Min-Min Lou and Boomer going with us.

Spring…the word is work!  Small and sturdy.  A passage of the season of winter, where the word is wait.  Summer will be the word Growing, and fall Harvest.

The circle of life– Inevitable. Eternal.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




27 thoughts on “A Small Solid Word—-Thursday, April 6, 2017

  1. J > OMG I can smell that dust and dried weed stems and stuff. You’ve conjured that up magically across 1000s of miles. It’s a task I’d just love to help you with: I’d call by to see what you were up to, and for a natter; and finding you busy and seeing there’s lots yet to do, I’d get the shovel from the back of my vehicle, and I’d work with you a way. And probably I’d remember – just in time – I’m supposed to be on my way to the station to pick up D coming back from … wherever. Well … It’s good to dream, isn’t it!

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  2. I agree with your cycle of life. Even my 1/4 acre follows this pattern. And right now I’ve got the sore muscles & blisters from enjoying working in the dirt. Sandy in Calif.

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  3. Down here, the same work is happening in the autumn, as I squelch around in ankle deep mud, trying to clear the storm drainage ditch. It’s full of silt, stones and rotting vegetation after the cyclone, and the stagnant water can’t get away unless I shovel, shovel, shovel. Only parts of it have a concrete channel (the easy parts)… Like you, I find a bit of a breeze makes the work easier, because it’s still hot here 🙂

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