The Growing Season has Begun!—Tuesday, April, 2017

We got the ditches all cleaned and then

Turned in the water!

We started small…20 tubes, so we could manage the setting and the digging out of the ends

Gradually we added more water, more rows, and more tubes

Nothing like the smell of the dry earth, as the water soaks into it.

Terry dug out the ends and I started the tubes. In a wee break I stopped and looked at Terry, who had a huge grin on his face.

“You are sure happy” I commented.

“Yes!” he replied. Β “Being out here, doing this, makes me happy!”

“Me thinks”, I smiled at him….”You love being a farmer.”

“I think so too.” he stated.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





28 thoughts on “The Growing Season has Begun!—Tuesday, April, 2017

    • Me too! The kids and I think he will shrivel up and die the day he stops. We may be wrong, but his joy in farming is so intense I can’t imagine him not out on the land.


  1. The one time we thought about quitting was about October, when we were so tired and all the harvest and other summer jobs were done. But by the time spring came again was glad to start again. Ha. My Husbands Uncle lived in Ulyssis, Kansas. Close to Colorado, did the same as you with the water tubes. Thank you for taking the time to let the folks know how farming is done in your area. Sharon Drake, Winfield, Kansas

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  2. J > It’s so interesting to see how these things are done. I can’t think of any TV documentary about life elsewhere which goes into details like this. Even so, I’m left wondering how you get the siphon tubes started. Surely you don’t have to suck? You must have a wee stirrup pump or something handy that?

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