Re–Arranging—FARM Implements—-Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Terry wanted to rearrange some of the implements over at the equipment storage area so we spent the very cold, windy, down-right chilly, afternoon straightening everything up over there.

But Lucky me…

While we were over there I saw several old fence posts made out of railroad ties.

Lucky, lucky me!  I’ve been needed a few more to finish up my flower beds I’m working on!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


16 thoughts on “Re–Arranging—FARM Implements—-Wednesday, April 26, 2017

  1. Hello farmers!
    I’ll say that for you Linda, there is nothing artificial about you, it’s all down to earth and reality calling. I really like that! Those rail ties were popular here as well some decades ago. Many of the neighbours around here fence in their gardens with them. So nice that you found enough to create your flowerbeds, it will look great. Creative people use all kinds of stuff in their gardens, wheelbarrows, buckets, babyprams and other old things to plant and decorate.
    You have to show us once you are ready, I am eager to see the results as I am awaiting the results for 1st Man on their farm, he is working hard just as you and Terry. Bless you for keeping the creation in good shape!!! Right, Boomer?

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  2. One of our neighbors is a kind of funny, well, definitely funny, OCD sort of farmer, and one of the neighborhood entertainments is after dinner, going to watch him put all his equipment away…every night. Seriously :-D. He was late to his own retirement (from his day job) party because he was power washing his batwing mower at the end of the day :-D.

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