The Earth Shimmers —Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My world is small.  I realize that.  But it’s a small I relish and enjoy.

For instance:

I feel great excitement, and joy, in the contented knowledge the pinto beans are up..sprouting forth into warm (HOT) yellow light

And every field of corn is up!

The green of all leaves coloring the world in brilliance!

We set water early, early morning and late in the evening.

Several times of day we are checking the water, making sure the tubes are still running, the rows getting wet, the plants receiving moisture!

Overhead the sun shimmers, baking every particle of everything…scattering— instantly— gobbling up every morsel of moisture into the air.

The irrigation water pushes up little puffs of dust, as the earth feels the exaltation, of the flowing streams; the gurgles of a song of hope!

Then THERE…in the chaos of rushing water I saw a rainbow!

That little gift bringing an sensation of joy!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,

From my world to your heart,



23 thoughts on “The Earth Shimmers —Tuesday, June 20, 2017

  1. Love the water rainbow. It’s a beautiful gift from Mother Nature, I think being aware of the beauty & wonder in the mundane is the stuff of Epiphanies when you’re at one woih the Universe. Sandy

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  2. In a world full of colour, the rainbow is a happy bonus! I saw a moonbow the other night; we had a night sea-fog, and there was a hazy halo around the moon, shot with rainbow colours. Too dark for a photo, though….


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