BLAST FURNACE — Thursday, June 17, 2021

These are beautiful flowers from Elaine, in the Black Forest, Colorado.  Thank you, Elaine.

The amazing, over-the-top heat has arrived, seeping into every aspect of every part of our lives

Bearing down into our souls, it’s so hot.

No matter the boiling temperatures…we still must step out onto the farm for our everyday work

The sunshine seems to shimmer across the land

And the shadows fall deep and cool under the brilliant stunning baking air.

Even though it is amazingly hot the land is still beautiful

And the lives who live with us on this terra firma keep us humble in a wonderful way.

By evening a hot, brusque wind sweeps down from the Uncompahgre Plateau, through the canyons; giving us a respite from the baking oven-like feeling the lack of moving air seems to provide.

No matter what…heat and bugs and all…I still like Summer best! ūüôā

From my world to your heart,


The Heat Shimmers Across our Land —- Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The heat has risen to over 100* for the last few days, 102*, 103*f (37.77c) sometimes with wind; a hot wind, sometimes not.  Just hot still air. (I am NOT complaining, for I LOVE SUMMER!) 

It’s hard to keep things wet, but so far we are doing okay.

The really bad thing about this weather

Are the wildfires.

Never ever a good thing


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Walking in a Fairy Tale World —- Monday, June 1, 2020

The heat has been like a hammer the last several days…

Still, the evening’s have been soft and lovely

But what has been the best thing

Right out our back door

Covering our whole farm…

A PERFECT double Rainbow!


From my world to your heart,


The Earth Shimmers —Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My world is small. ¬†I realize that. ¬†But it’s a small I relish and enjoy.

For instance:

I feel great excitement, and joy, in the contented knowledge the pinto beans are up..sprouting forth into warm (HOT) yellow light

And every field of corn is up!

The green of all leaves coloring the world in brilliance!

We set water early, early morning and late in the evening.

Several times of day we are checking the water, making sure the tubes are still running, the rows getting wet, the plants receiving moisture!

Overhead the sun shimmers, baking every particle of everything…scattering— instantly— gobbling up every morsel of moisture into the air.

The irrigation water pushes up little puffs of dust, as the earth feels the exaltation, of the flowing streams; the gurgles of a song of hope!

Then THERE…in the chaos of rushing water I saw a rainbow!

That little gift bringing an sensation of joy!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,

From my world to your heart,



Our Weather Report—-Tuesday, January 17, 2017


We went from this

wet-004To this and have stayed at this for weeks now. Rain and rain and even more rain.

wet-003Sigh!  The days are long and grey and boring and ever so nasty.

roof-topStill it seems like there is always something that needs to be done.

walk-in-the-farmI’m looking forward to walking with ¬†Boomer ¬†in the SUNSHINE! ¬†Where we throw shadows on the ground and our feet don’t collect mud!

But not yet!  Not today.  Not for awhile.  Another big storm system is heading in here in a day or so, until then just know that I am

Hot-Summer-NightDreaming of those hot summer nights some place in the future!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


An Irresistible Exuberant Delight—-Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We’ve been living with heat for several, several days now.


Miserable heat, the kind that hangs in the air  and never really seems to cool down. (Although, I will take this heat over winter any day!)

Yard-8The weather people said we might have rain yesterday…so we waited.

Then last evening I could see rain playing around us on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Yard-9Rain chutes filled the sky looking toward Montrose and over toward the Peach Valley area; still the bumblebees and the hummingbirds never exhibited anxious hovering in the flowers like they do before a storm makes it’s way to us.


We set the last set of water in the glow of the Full Thunder Moon; the air more restless than early in the evening.


Then during the night the rains came!  We woke to beautiful fresh air, the ghost of the storm hanging damply on each blade and leaf.

Today is alluring, with clouds moving in again, and the promise of POSSIBLY more rain.  My garden, the farm, and myself are all doing the happy dance!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


A Gift of Sunlight—Wednesday, June 22, 2016

InstructionsThe day wore on, yesterday, the heated air hot and heavy.

Morning-1bearing down on us and the land.

The sun gradually climbing higher and higher in the sky- taking from us any bit of shade.

WheeBy noon the shadows were gone, the heat ringed us in, and sat brooding, like a bad mood.

Packing-rowsThen a blessing of a thin rush of air — first in starts and stops, then in little puffs, swelling in strength¬†strong enough to cause the towels drying, on the line, to flap and fling themselves over the other wires full of clothes

SunraysThe air cooled, as clouds rolled in, first in the east, then the south, finally in the west.

All the while the wind rose and fell whispering secrets to the earth; to those creatures and objects that can understand.

Setting-of-the-sunThere was a hint of thunder a splattering of rain enough to rinse the air clean.

Rain-the-setting-sun-3Boomer and I walked out upon the farm, hoping to see a rainbow.

Rain-in-the-setting-sun2Instead a shock of sunlight splashed in the north, for just a few minutes, leaving the world reborn.

From my heart to your world.



Heat Shimmering on the Farm—Sunday, June 5, 2016

Here-Comes-the-Sun-4The heat has arrived!  The sun started the day with a promise of warmth..of air smelling like Iris, Columbines, roses, and pink daisies.

MorningI woke feeling ever so creative and full of energy that I took upon myself a staggering amount of work: clean in the basement, mop the floors in the kitchen, bathroom, the back porch, wash all their windows, clean all the cupboards and cabinets, and refrigerator,  oh, yes and scour the stove.

Rosese-1Work in one flower bed: weed, prune, deadhead, etc.  Painted two of the garden benches.

Sammy--and-the-rosesWhile I’m at it —why not try three new recipes I’ve been wanting to try for some time

AND….start making paper. ¬†(Something I’ve been wanting to do for—ever)

Sitting-Water-on-the-dirt-dBy the middle of the day the heat was sucking down into the earth, causing the soil to glow and simmer and Terry and I to do so right along with it!


It was still hot when we went for the last set of the night, but starting to cool down. (As a side-bar note–I really love the heat; it’s the cold I don’t care for.)Evening-1¬†When we finally got back home after the last set (9:30 p.m.) ¬†I was obliged¬†to admit to myself— I can not work like that anymore.

I have to pace myself…I was way too tired. I may have been able to work like that a few years ago, or even last year. ¬†But not this year. ¬†From now on I’m going to ‘save’ some things to do later. ¬†There really isn’t a time clock on my work. ¬†The only real time clock exists with the plants on the farm and in my yard. Everything else will wait.

And if people come and the house needs dusting, or the windows washed, I hope they understand—-somethings will just get done at another time.

Evening-2Besides…I’m sure it’s okay. ¬†I never go see someone’s home, I go to see the people who live there.

From my world to your heart,






Listen—Sunday, June 28, 2015

Set-4The heat is ferocious–late July and early August heat. ¬†Bearing down and smashing one into the ground. ¬†Still I’ll take it any day over the long, dark, cold, and dreary days of winter.


Scotch-BluebonnetsYears ago I saw these beautiful flowers growing in my Mother-in-law’s yard. ¬†She was ripping them out and tossing them in the trash heap.

“Oh, what are those beautiful plants”? ¬†I asked her.

“Scotch Bluebonnets”, she replied. ¬†“You don’t want them, they spread like weeds.”

“Oh, but I do! May I have a couple of shovel fulls to plant in me yard?” ¬†I replied with shinning eyes!

“Honestly you will NOT want these things” she said in disgust, ¬†as she put two shovel full of starts in a cardboard box for me.

I hugged the box to my chest and placed it very carefully in the trunk of the car. ¬†“Thank you!” I cried. ¬†“I’m sure I will love them.”

“Don’t thank me”, she very tiredly replied. ¬†“I guarantee you will not like them, in the long run.”

I can assure you, many, many, years later…SHE WAS RIGHT! ¬†I do NOT want these invasive weeds masquerading as flowers. ¬†Horrid plants! ¬†Just HORRID! ¬†They are everywhere in my yard, in the grass on the lawn, in every flowerbed, along side the ditches—-ugh!

The-end-of-the-dayEvery morning the earth, the sky, and the air seem so fresh and alive. If one stands still surrounded by the chirps and chitters of all the birds; stands outside and is very still. ¬†Still in the mind, not just the body, still so your soul can hear—the voice of the earth will speak loud and clear.

It seems that the rocks and the trees and even the soil underneath your feet is waking refreshed and eager to start the day.


As the day ends and night creeps along our¬†mesa; lengthening it’s way toward the west; ¬†I can sometimes feel the sweet song of bedtime flowing down¬†deep within the earth.

Today is Sunday. Today we only do those things that MUST be done…today we rest and enjoy the fruits of the past week, preparing for the new week.

I hope each and everyone of you have a good Sunday, my friends!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm



Racing Against Time—Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I am sorry about not being able to post yesterday…the internet was down. ¬†Sure was frustrating!

Anyway, it’s back up today, for which I rejoice greatly!

Time-!We are racing madly here. ¬†Everything came together all at once—the pinto beans needed watered, the corn needed fertilized and cultivated, and needs water —the hay needs hauled in from the last field, and the water sat on it. ¬†(Not to mention weeding in my yard –two more huge beds to go—helping a tad down at the other house…clipping hedges and other yard work–ironing and straightening up my house, mundane things but necessary.)

Time-2The days are just not long enough ūüôā ¬†ūüôā

Although, we get up at 4:15 and then finish around 10 at night, there always seems to be something more needing done.

Time-4Don’t read bad into this ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†—————— ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

We hauled hay until too dark…Boomer and I picked up the loose bales and broken bales and Terry hauled in the loads.

time-3.jpgIt was miserable hot yesterday…my car said it was 111*f (43.89c) when I ran to buy groceries for the month. ¬†That’s HOT!

Around 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. it looked like a hail or rain storm broke over Peach Valley.  It was just too hot not to develop some sort of activity in the heavens.

Today we are still in the same race…although, we are gaining on the pinto beans (the beans are up! ¬†YAY!) with the water, the small corn field is wet, and cross all fingers, Terry will get the big corn field fertilized and cultivated today-then we start water on it tonight).

Two more days of hauling hay and that will be over.  Then, if it rains, all is well.

Although, we are busy; it’s a good busy!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,