The Sun Gilding Raindrops—-Monday, July 3, 2017

Marianne, from NorthView Dairy in New York, posted on her blog, then sent to me photos of a beautiful rainbow…she said they were for Boomer and I.

They are so perfect…they echo throughout my heart like a song.

Boomer is improving slightly.  The prognosis is now pneumonia. I have medicine for him — I hope it works.

Yesterday he ate.  And he drank.  Not lots but some.  The coughing is lessening, but still there, and he is weak and exhausted.

About evening, when we do the last change of water, Terry and I were coming back in and he met us at the garage.  A weak tail wag going on.

Picking him up I we took him for a short ride where he seemed very happy.

Then last night the coughing worsened.  Nighttime always seems to bring out the illness.  I sat with him, petting and rubbing and soothing and calming so he could breath.

Around midnight we went outside and he had a nice big pee and a little walk about. Then he laid down again and I sat with him, until 1:30 a.m.  He was sleeping —- sleeping restfully.

Around first light he started coughing again.  So we went outside where he seemed calmer.

At this moment he is resting on his lawn lounge chair.  He has not wanted any food or water.  When I finish visiting with you I will go back and sit with him.  Then when he wakes up I will try water and food again.

The clouds were thick here last night and full of small rain dropping in the canyons.  I didn’t see a rainbow here. But thankfully my email had three this morning.

Your friendship, your prayers and warm loving thoughts burn brilliantly bright through the internet.  I thank you.

My hope is today we have turned a corner and the murmurs of call to the Rainbow Bridge lessen; my wonderful little beagle begins recovery.

From my very sore and worried heart to your world,




36 thoughts on “The Sun Gilding Raindrops—-Monday, July 3, 2017

  1. Our prayers are with you and wonderful Boomer. Your blog is always such a happy thing, and your attitude such a help. We are very sorry for you all to have this worry. Please don’t reply as you need all your time and energy for Boomer.

    God Bless You.


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  2. I’m sorry to hear that Boomer is having a hard time shaking this illness. Hopefully he has turned the counter and will soon be back to his old self. Prayers and good thoughts will continue for him — and for you.

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  3. We have been so worried about Boomer, too, and you Linda. Poor guy….do you know what type of pneumonia? Viral or bacterial? Your care and closeness will help Boomer get better. Lots of hugs and petting does wonders. We are all pulling for you guys. Chicken broth for hydration.

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  4. You and Boomer are in my thoughts and prayers….he’s very special to you and you are to him. I’m sending support and good wishes from the San Luis Valley to all of you. Mary H

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  5. I’ve been quietly reading your blog every day for the past year from the countryside of Scotland, enjoying seeing the very different surroundings you live in, but mostly being inspired by your positivity and contentment about life. So I just had to let you know how upset I am to hear about Boomer’s illness, I feel as if I know him, and having dogs of my own I know just how worrying it must be for you. Sending you and Boomer all my best wishes for a speedy recovery and hoping to hear good news soon.

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  6. Oh, B. Mom and I will continue to say prayers for you every day till you’re riding that 4-wheeler with the wind in your furs and a smile on your face. We know that medicine is amazing, and that soon you will feel 100% again. Prayers for your family to be strong and brave and your doctors to be wise and compassionate, too.

    Lots of love and extra healing licks,

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  7. J > I’ve had that. I was working away for a week or so – in Dublin. Didn’t know what it was until I went to a medical centre: the doctor examined me briefly then phoned for an ambulance! I thought it was something that is contracted in cold damp conditions – not summer. Anyways, hope Boomer comes better soon, as there’s plenty more mysteries waiting for him to solve!

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  8. Hi Linda, I am concerned about Boomer. You know that sugar water you cook up for the Hummers, take a cup of that and put some table salt in it and freeze it up…then shave it up and hand feed it to him. His system might need the extra sugar and salt after not eating and throwing up.
    Give him a good pat on the head from me:) You can also freeze some gatoraide if you have some 🙂

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  9. Dear Linda, I understand your sore and worried heart so well. I am praying for little Boomer and that he will continue to progress on the road to health! Wow ….that came on so fast didn’t it? Boom is a member of your family….I know how much worry happens when a pet gets so sick. Hoping that you will be able to provide us with happier reports soon. Hang in there! Give Boom a kiss for me.

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  10. Lots and Lots of Hugs for Boomer and you!
    Boom, you take time to rest up and get well! Hugs, cookies, head pats… It’s all good Boomer! Drink as much as you can. Rest. And know we are all wishing for a fast recovery and farm reports! 🐾))hugs((🐾

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