In the Presence of Extraordinary People—Tuesday, July 4TH, 2017

Elaine sent me this rainbow from her friend in El Paso county, Colorado:

Elaine wrote:
Dear Linda…

(click on the blue link to go to his website 🙂 )
He took the beautiful rainbow picture attached…
So I send it along with loving thoughts ~ and I hope it helps Boomer!  Luv ya!
Here is what Jason said…
“Yes, please do send it along to Linda with our compliments and healing thoughts towards Boomer.

Boomer is doing ever so much better!  Sammy stays with Boomer all the time.  A kitty and his dog.

Boomer finally ate breakfast this morning: shredded chicken, a dollop of yogurt and tiny squirt of gatorade to wash it all down.  (Which he thought was amazingly yummy)

He is still coughing, but the swelling in his stomach is receding, his nose is off and on cold, and he has developed a huge desire to have Mom sit with him and hold his paw.  (Which I admit I do 🙂  Just like a little kid he has figured out to start coughing and Mom will come sit with him and hold his paw. 🙂

He is walking around, even walking out to the chicken house with me.  But not always, but I figure any willing to move action is good.

And his tail is waggles in greeting!  Which I adore.

As the setting sun shivered gold across the fields, Boomer asked to go with us to change water last night.   I always look at that as a good sign!

So….once more I want to thank each and everyone of you!

When winter touched our lives, you held us in your thoughts and prayers.  That is a huge deal.  Your light shown in the darkness giving me hope.  In turn I was able to give Beaglie hope.  Please don’t laugh.  Hope is a mighty thing…and I thank you for it.

From my heart to your world,



36 thoughts on “In the Presence of Extraordinary People—Tuesday, July 4TH, 2017

  1. Wonderful news, Linda and Boomer! Isn’t it amazing how our animals know when another is sick. Sammy and Boomer are great friends, and it shows. Please give those two a hug from us, and you, too Linda. Loving thoughts.

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  2. Hope is everything. Sounds like there are good signs all around. But we’ll keep hoping until you get the all clear. x p.s. that rainbow is INCREDIBLE…well, also, the clouds on top of it. Never seen anything like it.

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  3. Absolutely! Hope is a VERY mighty thing. Mom and I are not even surprised that Boomer is making good progress. We always knew he would – from our very first prayer – which gave us hope. Stay strong, buddy. Stay brave, Linda.

    Love and healing, hopeful licks,
    Cupcake and Mom.

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  4. We are sooooo GLAD to hear the good news!!!! We will keep up the prayers. You all and the pets are such a bright spot in our lives. Thanks to all of you!! Prayers still going out for everyone. Please don’t take the time and energy to reply. Spend it on your family.

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  5. Hi Linda! I am so glad to hear that Boomer is better! Reading your blog warms my heart and I send my best greetings to you and your family. My 11 years old border collie/labrador dog sends a special hello to Boomer 🙂 Asta from Sweden

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  6. Hang in there Linda and we’ll keep on praying for Boomer to get much, much, much, better! He’s got a lot of livin’ to do yet!!!

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