Old Magic which Still Clings to the Earth—-Thursday, July 27, 2017

The last two days we enjoyed rain showers…sometimes the rain rode the sky in the morning

Or kissed the earth on a mid-night wind

At points the rain came in wild and untamed—

Cooling down the earth, so at one point we lived within a cloud

The moisture from the warm earth rising up to meet the cool air…fog –a most glorious and unusual gift in the high mountain desert!

Then yesterday the clouds all scuttered away on high wind, neither seen or felt here on on our little part of the earth

Walking among the flowers I could feel the Magic of the Old Ones

It’s still here, clinging to the earth…

Lifting us up for a heartbeat

(The Red Day-lily is a gift from Marianne )

In the shadows of ancient clouds.

From my world to your heart,



37 thoughts on “Old Magic which Still Clings to the Earth—-Thursday, July 27, 2017

    • It does seem to be a good year for them. I have enjoyed the Red dayliles you sent me. I think I have another one about to bloom…I am very excited to see what it looks like!


  1. Beautiful words—-how I would like to say them as we need rain too. almost 40 days with any rain. We are lucky to have cool nights with the warm days. This morning we have a on shore flow with marine air so it is cloudy and cool. NCE!

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  2. Your garden leaves me breathless. Is that lavender that rises so tall in the background?? Do you prune it back each year? I have such a time with mine in France. It gets big and beautiful, and then woody and impossible.

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  3. breathtaking post today – love seeing your gardening. magic in/from the earth indeed. yesterday’s most-magic moment for me (no camera handy, o’course) was seeing five dragonflies (black and white ones that look like little biplanes) and a snakefeeder sunning on a corner fencepost in the late afternoon. don’t think i’ve ever seen more than one at a time before, but i’m seeing lots, and several different kinds this year. ants, wasps and dragonflies/snakefeeders seem to be especially plentiful this year. –suz in ohio

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  4. I love the concept of the Old Ones……..their spirit and the spirit of the land. your reflections there of your love for it, your flowering glorious gardens coupeled with work for the Soul, joy for the Spirit, and Peace for the weary travler…is amazingly healing. Thank you for this balm of love for the day for the world………I am going to bask in it!!! With muhc Love..merri


  5. Linda, all the work you put in the garden looks great. what are the trees in the picture. Long trunks round at top? Glad you got rain. Thank you for sharing your flowers. Sharon Drake south central Kansas.

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  6. You have such a beautiful way of saying something so simple. Love all the flowers . Jealous of your rain. None in the last 45 days and none in the next 2 weeks. We are having triple digit heat for several days this coming week. Trying to type on the tablet is not easy . 😦

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