In My Dreams—-Sunday, August 6, 2017

Yesterday was my Momma’s birthday.  If she were alive today she would have turned 88.

Saturday, August 5th, we woke to a world full of low, dark clouds, following a night of gusting wind and hard heavy rain.  Although, the clouds started to thin, my thoughts still remained heavy…sadly I was missing Momma.  ( I know that many of you can relate to this type of sorrow…the swirl of memories of that one person, whose heart beat alongside yours…right from the beginning.)

Ruth LaVerne Thomas

Often times throughout my life I was told that I looked like my Momma.


Looking back over old photos — at certain times and in certain ages I can see the similarities.  But I must confess I didn’t while I was growing up.  

Momma was one of those ‘good souls’.  She was gentle and kind and given to helping every animal who came within her reach. Maybe in today’s world she would have been a Veterinarian.

Often times ‘people’ would say of her Daddy…”He would give his shirt off his back to help you.”  Momma followed in his footsteps.

Momma gave all the little children who followed the fruit (people who came to pick fruit) clothes from our own closets, often times their very first (and only) birthday cake and a small party…those children remembering her kindly wrote to her for years and years…letters telling her about their marriages, the birth of their children…that first real job.   She treasured those letters.

She always, always told me life was full of turbulence and cares, which can make a heart heavy….we, as human beings, do not need to add to sorrows of another’s soul.

(My maternal grandparents and my parents had fruit orchards, which is where my brother and I grew up)

Her smile is the same as a older woman, as when she was a grade school child)

Ah, well, memories are wonderful! But they do have a tendency to cause my eyes to blur with tears — misting the day…even though the sun broke forth from the clouds.

Momma died August 10, 2000…her heart stopped; cutting her life’s threads, which bound her to this earth.

But the thing that gives me the most peace, about that most ordinary day, that wasn’t ordinary after all….was Momma was ready to go.

A few days before she died—- she had just returned from a long and wonderful trip to Ireland.  My brother took her.  They saw everything possible, spent a night in a castle, walked on that green, green Isle she dreamed of walking on all her life.

An old old dream of her heart.

She told me: “I am finally at peace, Linda. There is nothing more I want to see or do.  It is the most amazing, but odd feeling, to have nothing forward to accomplish.”

Hours later I was rushing to the hospital, following the ambulance…time passes slow when you NEED to GET THERE.

But finally I made it—Momma waited for me.  She also waited for my Brother…although she was in a coma. Then in the night’s heart she left.

I miss her still.  I always will.  I love you, Momma. I love you.

I know each of you understand.

From my heart to your world,






34 thoughts on “In My Dreams—-Sunday, August 6, 2017

    • I was very blessed to always have the gift of living on the land…it is a place I’ve never grown tired of. I know you are just like me—that missing of our moms.


  1. This gave me goosebumps and bought tears to my eyes. I wish I had been able to meet your Momma. What a lovely woman and human being she was. I have been fortunate to “meet” her wonderful daughter instead. Hugs to you Linda. Yes, I understand. My Mom passed in 2009.

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  2. For me, the day is 26th March. I was 23, and she’d been sick for 9 months. She was ready to go too… but I wasn’t ready to let her go. I’ve missed having my mother around as an adult, to talk to as an adult.

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  3. OH my goodness, I know what you mean. My mom’s been gone 20 years. After I married an Army guy, mom and I never lived close to each other again. I’m an only child and my dad had died years earlier so mom and I basically had only each other so it was hard on both of us to be far away. We used to talk on the phone for an hour every Sunday afternoon, mainly about what her grandkids had been up to. After she died, I would have a vivid dream every week that it was Sunday and we were talking on the phone. That stayed with me for at least a year and got me through the grieving. Twenty years later, I still have the occasional dream, often when something important happens in the family. I still remember “telling” Mom when her first great grandchild was born a couple years ago.

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    • Oh…this is so special. I believe you were talking in truth to your Mom. You were talking through Angels instead of the telephone. What a cherished blessing you just shared with me and those on my blog! Thank you so much, Denny!


  4. A lovely tribute, Linda.
    Wonderful to learn that your Mother got her wish to visit “The Emerald Isle”.
    I am sure your Mum and Dad are looking down and being so pleased with your
    grandkids.The tradition of loving and caring continued so wonderfully under the
    eyes and wisdom of you and Terry. A tribute to a really caring and loving family.

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      • I think I have won the battle with the flu, but heaps of people have got it and it is AUGUST – the month of the flu epidemic here in Australia!
        Tomorrow off to see my doctor regarding this strange red now a horrible purple spotted left leg!
        Fingers crossed for that!
        Hopefully I’ll be able to visit Mum on Thursday, if I’m given the green light???

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  5. You’re right Linda. We do understand what you’re saying. I had a mother like that too, that I loved so much. I do a lot of genealogy work and have discovered some wonderful things about my mother’s family, even found our only picture of her mother, but sadly, she had departed this world before I found any of this, so could not share the joy with her. Somehow though, I think she knows all about it. A tear comes to my eyes often as I think of her, but I wait for that day when we will meet again. Just remember that Linda and know that you will see her again.

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    • I do think we will all be together again…and sometimes…not often…I can feel her with me. Like you I enjoy doing Genealogy…have been doing it for 48 years now…it’s a lovely thought we might get to meet all those people who went before someday!


  6. Your Mother and my Mother were almost the same age. My Mom will be 88 in October, she is suffering with back pain and won’t do a thing about it. I am certain I never want to be 88.
    It sounds like your Mom was ready to go and that she was happy. Happy is a good thing, I am so glad you were there for her:)

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