Rain and Cold Wind the Weather Has Turned—-Sunday, September 24, 2017

The weather has turned…the long days of wonderful warm (even hot) weather is now gone.  Fled to other parts unknown.

The brilliant days of summer blurred through wind and rain into

 True days of Fall.  The light is different now…

The colors more diffused, although sometimes shinning brilliant

As though the heavens are breathing…taking in summer letting out Autumn

Fall is not an empty time…it the accumulation of the spring and summer…some of the corn is being turned into silage, the onions are being pulled waiting for drying weather then sacked and sold,

And of course all the pinto beans are pulled and waiting for drying weather, so they, too, can be combined and sold.

The sky itself moves constantly sending us rainbows through the mists…

Sending me gifts of rainbows from others—our son-in-law captured one on his way to work

So far no frost! But cold days and even colder nights

Fall has arrived in all it’s amazing splendor!

From my world to your heart,




29 thoughts on “Rain and Cold Wind the Weather Has Turned—-Sunday, September 24, 2017

  1. Everything on the farming scene looks to be going to schedule which is
    an excellent sign for all the hard work that is put into your farming enterprise.

    Now regarding weather…………here in my new abode – just north of Sydney
    we have recorded the hottest September days since records were kept.
    Actually I am off to the beach this morning – just for a paddle, the water
    I am sure is still too cold, but as school holidays have started again, these
    days the school kids seem to get far more holidays than in my days of schooling??,
    the beach at Terrigal will be packed!
    I hope this hot stuff here so early does not mean for the northern hemisphere
    you will be in for an earlier and colder (brrrrrrrrrrrrrr) winter!!!
    Cheers and all the best with the crops.

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  2. I don’t know. In Colorado, the temperature fluctuations can be extreme. Will it be back in the 80’s before Halloween? I hope you get your beans dried before it all goes … wet. Good luck with those onions, too. They look delish!

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