Restless and a Wee Apprehensive—Sunday, October 14, 2017

For some reason I seem to be experiencing a vague foreboding.  Like a small cloud of some sort of oppression— a hovering chill; trouble looking for somewhere to strike–maybe around the next turn.

I have no idea what it is, or why…but it’s there…riding the winds from the north

Our autumn days wax and wane from warm to cold and back again to repeat as the leaves change and flutter to the ground.  There is a tingle to air promising winter is not far off now.

On chill days the wood stove heats the house; two cats and our dog; and a toasting husband.  The knots of burning elm tick faintly as they pop and burn warming the air.

And still I feel it…that unsettled feeling…like the night air breathing on my neck. (If I were a cat my fur would be lifted in alarm.)

Oh, well…I continue forward.  There is nothing much else to do…we ride out checking the corn, measuring the dryness (16%—when it reaches 15% we can start harvesting)

Sitting around worrying is time wasted.

We ride (skimming) through the farm, on roads which which sometimes look like wild pathways…over the Coyote trails and onto Coyote Hill… the little trip makes me think of all the old, ancient ones who walked here way before me.

For this I give thanks, ask for protection for this land I love, all the living things on it, and for my husband and children and the children of my children, and you, my friends; protection and safety for you, also.

Then I wait…maybe whatever this feeling is will dissipate and go away.

The warmth of a light heart will return— I can travel each day with ease.

I am ready for that time to come!

From my world to your heart,


39 thoughts on “Restless and a Wee Apprehensive—Sunday, October 14, 2017

  1. I hope your sense of foreboding is NOT a sign of things to come. Hopefully the beauty around your farm will cause that feeling to go away and be replaced by the light heart. God’s blessings on you and all your family.

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  2. Beautifully expressed. I feel the same way. I think the onslaught of unsettling news makes it almost impossible not to feel that way. And speaking for myself, I can say that our president’s character has also a lot to do with why I feel that way. He thrives on conflict, he keeps himself in the headlines by ruffling, unsettling, undoing, unraveling. He doesn’t want us to be calm. Because if we were, we wouldn’t be reading about him. And besides all that, I have always always found October to be the most unsettling month of them all.

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  3. Linda, are you somewhat psychic? Your comments are interesting and I hope you’re not right. But I will send up extra prayers just in case. Hope your corn dries fast and that you can get all of your crop out of the ground and into the trucks and on their way before too long. I know you don’t much like winter, so will hope that it is an easy one for you this year. Peace to you!

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    • Dear Linda, Sure hope you can keep politics out of your blog. I come here for peace and to learn what’s new with you. God Bless You for the effort it takes to keep a blog going.

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      • I don’t post politics. I’m sorry you feel like I did. My Dad told me when I was a little girl—the quickest way to lose friends is to talk about Religion or Politics. I have always approached my life that way.


  4. it’s gotten so I don’t especially mind MILD unease, etc. THAT seems to be a constant.

    and (does it really?) it helps? when one brings the unease upon oneself, such as my bi-weekly facing of MEN (& WOMEN) WITH PUCKS. I’ve had moments of borderline terror, which subsides into just a state of mild alarm after a while …

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  5. I’ll say some extra prayers for you. The rest of this country and the world are already on my list. I think we are all waiting for the other shoe to drop. I still keep an eye on the news but like I’ve said many times, I tape it, watch in fast forward with the sound off until there is something I need to know about. I get the gist without being beaten with the news. It’s how I cope with the conflict that’s generated these days. You will be in my thoughts.

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  6. It’s a year later, and I found this post because I feel this way now, and remembered that I felt the same a year ago. I was visiting my mother and said it felt like the end of the world was coming and she said she felt the same way. When it started again this year, it made me wonder whether this type of vague anxiety rising in Fall is a thing. I’m in/from Southern California, so it’s not falling leaves or wintry weather triggering it for me – maybe it’s the angle of the sun. The worst part is the feeling that no matter where in the world I might travel (even Spring in Australia), I wouldn’t shake it.


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