The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— A Walk in the Night

Mom and I went for a nice long walk one night in the Full of the November moon.

Mom and I always go for lots of walks

day and at least one at night.

Mom says her favorite night-time walk is in the full-moon, although the dark of moon allows the star-spangled sky to shine.

Mom takes her camera, although she doesn’t always get good photos.  Still…she likes to snap away.

As for me…well…I like to check out news!  But you knew that already!  🙂

So…..along the way we ran into a buck…who actually ran into us.

We scared him so bad he jumped the fence, then the canal and the next fence and ran away, away, away.

Mom took a picture of all the house lights over the mesa from us in what the old-timers used to call “No-Mans-Land” ….I guess it’s should be called ‘Any-man’s-land” now since there are houses all over down there.

On the way back Mom sat down on the gated pipe and just sat.  Suddenly a doe came out of the corn…walked right in front of Mom and guess what…MOM GOT A PHOTO!!!

Of course the deer got a scare.  She bounded off on her tip-toes in dainty leaps and bounds.

Back home the fire in the woodstove felt good…Mom and I settled in for the night…refreshed and bathed in moonlight.


14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— A Walk in the Night

  1. What a beautiful walk you had, Boom…why I was right with you. Have to find the Ojibwe namde for November Moon… coming into December pretty soon. Here the great forests of teh North Country meet the Prairies..of the Midwest..that is Northfield , Minnesota. Within a mile of the BIG WOODS this building sits in, is the vast , open rolling hills of the prairies and cornfiends for as far as the eye can see. The farmers here like you, feed our country. Soy beans are for acres and acres……but just think of this Boom…..the same moon and moonlight is over all of us!!!! How beautiful God is in his plan for unfolding Oneness. Think on it and have a biscuit and water..hi to mom and dad and kitties….Merri with love, and Bart too Peter and Hannah too.

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