Adventure and Mysteries —-Thursday, November 9, 2017

Daily Boomer,

Mindy the cat, and I

(and sometimes Terry) go for a walk about the farm there is always something interesting to see and ponder over. Like…

A scary fire five miles away from us —which is an early burning off of a cornfield

The disturbed ground showing huge footprints

As something very large walked down one of the farm roads.  My blood does not sing with the ability to know and understand tracks, but I do know this is a LARGE animal

Or these oddly placed twin ‘jet streams’ floating in the wind high in the sky

Speaking of sky…the thickened clouds bringing in weather make the shadows on the ground seem tame in comparison.

From my world to your heart,


20 thoughts on “Adventure and Mysteries —-Thursday, November 9, 2017

  1. clouds and shadows-on-the-ground — not much of THAT today, but have been marveling over the past week at the clouds. I seem to remember that you are NOT of the “burn-off the fields” camp, though ? such an annual debate here in the G.V. —

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  2. We don’t get skies like yours here in Oregon. I love looking at the different clouds and when it’s possible the stars. Those tracks are not something I would ever see here and glad of it. Keep your eyes peeled so it doesn’t eat Boomer. ;( Or Mindy. Thanks for sharing these. I get the burn off, a lazy mans way and the ash can add something to the soil I suppose but I’m not a fan of it as everyone has to breathe that stuff and it can get out of hand too easily. They used to back burn in the forest to prevent fires. No one could breathe all month long in October.

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  3. Beautiful pictures on you walk-about! Love your sky pics—I enjoy taking those kind of pics, too. Neighbors just started harvesting corn here. Very few burn, like you, it may have cattle in the stubs for awhile then plow it under.


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