The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Friends

After a night of checking out the farm (with Mom)


Sage came!  It the first time I ever got to meet Sage. She is a Black Lab and LOTS OF FUN!

She is also still a puppy—I got tired and had to go lay down.  When I did, Sage’s dad put her back into the pick-up and then they drove off.

I was too sleepy to even bark her good-bye.

Then I got to go see my DOG COUSINS!

Penelope Penny Puppy is also a puppy she is just now a year old!

We played and played and played.

That’s Etta—Etta and I love each other.  We romp and play and frolic and rough house for HOURS.

Then I came home and slept for hours!

(That’s an old photo, but it’s how I looked only without anything green growing close by.)

I was wore out.

I guess I’m getting old.



20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Friends

  1. What fun!!! All that play time ~ no wonder you were tuckered out, Boom. And by the way, it’s just the time of the year that makes you… reflect, and the thought of being older creeps in. But Boomer, It is all about the view and how you look at things! And I think you are doing great!

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