Breathing—Pure and Adorable—Thursday, December 28, 2017

Our grandson is here.  Terry called and asked if Blade could come and stay for a spell.  Grandpa needed some extra help on the farm

So he came…all full of joy and cheer.  Willing to help dig up an old culvert and help Grandpa replace it with a new one

Willing to gather and load a feed bunk and help haul it down to the equines,

Willing to do all those super stressful things normally MY JOB!

Of course there were other things included, like an afternoon at the Rec Center playing basketball and swimming…

Going out to target practice with Grandpa for a spell,

Then this afternoon moving a cook stove to another place in town

And helping to do some welding …. a new thing to learn.

All farm boys need to know how to weld, Grandpa says.

Grandpa and Grandson…

I stand in the shadows watching them, listening to the warmth coming from two beings so much a like—each braced to meet the day and take whatever comes—

I stand watching—-


From my world to your heart,


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