The News Was Not Good—-Tuesday, February 20, 2018

So here is where I am…my ten year old computer is finished.  Trying to do this with the I PAD—not a fun project.

We went to Best Buys in Grand Junction, Colorado this morning, spent an arm, a leg, two feet, one ear and four fingernails and purchased a new computer.  Of course (according to the salesman) I had to get some other stuff, because my old stuff doesn’t work well with the new stuff.

Now my tech guy will have to come out and set me all up, because I’m not very confident I can do it by myself.

At least I will be up to speed some time soon…complete with Windows 10, which has me a little concerned.

Moving into the next century— with lightening speed and a lighter pocketbook,


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



44 thoughts on “The News Was Not Good—-Tuesday, February 20, 2018

  1. Well, I feel for you, Linda. Been there, done that. Last time I got my computer as a Todays Special Value on QVC and got a good deal. Had to take it to town and have my IP guy set it up, too. I had to get Windows 10, ……getting too old for all this new stuff. I will say, though, that it is nice to have HD for you tube, where you can learn to do anything in the world, lol. Hang in there. Bet your grandkids could set you up and show you everything.

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  2. I’ve always hated computer upgrades too but then I’ve liked all the new stuff much better when I got them. I would still be using Windows 3,0 if I hadn’t been pushed onward and upward. You’ll be thrilled by the improvements.

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  3. Oh Linda, I feel your pain!!! this happened to me two years ago,,, actually my computer just collapsed taking a lot of things with it… I now have windows ten too, and I still haven’t mastered its new-fangled ways… just wish I knew someone who could tell me how to just open a file… I’m using one that’s been going for over a year and is so long I think it will spill out of the machine soon !!!
    Hope your process goes well XXXXXXXXXXX

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  4. Oh dear….the expense of a new computer and all the gadgets that go with it. Sorry to hear about that. My computers have usually lasted only about 5 years before biting the dust…so if you got 10 years out of yours….that’s pretty good. I’m sure you’ll get used to it fast, once you get it all set up.

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  5. I was a tad worried about Windows 10, too ~ but it’s okay. Xcell has me miffed right now, but hey. Unfortunately, old and new don’t work as well together. It’s just…
    Not.Worth.The.Headaches. Here’s to…. the Best of Luck with it! At least you’re up and running!

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  6. I do hope you have good backup… I hate the way they won’t let you have the version you’re used to and know how to work, but insist you get the latest whizz-bang thing with all sorts of things you don’t need and don’t want. Good luck with the new ‘baby’, and may it give you less trouble than you fear!

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  7. Probably a good investment though. And if your computer was ten years old, I imagine the BB guy was telling you the truth about the new stuff you need. Welcome to the hyper technological present. It’s a head spinner, isn’t it?

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  8. I’d stock up on some adult beverages for the next few days. They are going to be doozies trying to get everything figured out. I hate “upgrades” :-(.

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  9. That’s too bad about your old machine. You get used to them working a certain way, and it is a big deal to have to learn a new program, and Windows 10 is different. I am guessing you might have been using Windows 7 before, and if that is the case, you can have your computer guy install what they call a “shell program” that will make Windows 10 look almost like Windows 7. It will still have all the bells and whistles of Windows 10 (99% of which I bet most folks don’t use) but it will look and act like Windows 7 and there will not be much of a learning curve.

    I put off using my new machine for almost 2 years because I had trouble getting used to Windows 10, but when it was finally on its’ last legs, I had a mobile tech come out and transfer email and bookmarks over, and he suggested and installed the “shell program” and it has worked wonderful ever since. It takes a lot of the stress and strain off. Also, you might ask the computer people about shutting off the windows updates, see what they say. They can cause problems for some folks, not for others.

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  10. I feel your pain! We just did the same thing this fall. Over all, I’m happy we did it, but Windows 10 has been a little bit of a learning curve for me…finding where things are, etc. I’m sure your tech guy will be able to give you some good tips on how to navigate!

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  11. I can understand the concept of resisting the changes to technology. I used the same Nokia cell phone for 9 years. I had received the Nokia as a hand-me-down. I then decided to LEAP into the 21st century and it was only 2015! See? I arrived into the century ONLY 15 years after it started. I almost felt that I was modern.

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  12. I had to do that not to long ago but fortunately, I have an off site backup which meant I didn’t lose any photos, embroidery patterns or documents. I tried using my tablet to write posts as well and now have a blue tooth keyboard to go with it. I sent mine to my son who replaced the hard drive and then we downloaded all my files from the cloud. I was a mess until I got all my photos back. I’m glad you are finally up to date. Most computers only last 4-5 years, to get 10 is impressive. You will be quite comfortable with Windows 10. it was not as difficult as 8. My son had me install Team viewer so he can fix things from Arizona by logging into my computer with me. He fixes things from there and I watch it being done. So glad you are getting your new one. It will make life easier soon.

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