Propelled into Motion—-Thursday, April 19, 2018

I checked the pears…gone.  Most of them anyway. Once more we lost the apricots and the pears.  My lilacs are starting to bud so I hope the temperatures stay up and I can have lilac blooms.  It’s been YEARS since I’ve had any lilac blooms.

The Apple trees are starting to bloom and I noticed buds on the prune and wild plum trees.  Everything is propelling themselves into spring…turning their little hearts toward sun and warmth.

I sure hope it starts to warm up and stay that way.

The clouds came in from the west yesterday—leaving patches of blue sky and warm sun, but completely filling the air from north, south, east, and west over night.

A swoosh of cold air has arrived, although the weather people say we will warm up to 77* today, then drop down to 59* tomorrow with huge winds starting this afternoon.

Which propels me forward for Terry and I are taking a trailer of old metal up to Montrose today and we must load it first! 🙂

So off I go to help gather old engine blocks, scrap metal, and other detritus accumulating here and there.

Have a good one!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




The Wind Blew Away—-Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I am late today!

Very late!…


But I have a very good excuse.  Terry and I had to be at the bottom of the pinto bean field picking up an extremely large branch broken from one of the Johnson cottonwood trees in the huge wind storm yesterday.

Shannon saw us and came out to help so the process went much faster than just the two of us.

Back home now.  Terry is marking out the pinto bean ground so we can start water on that field.  He will be planting pinto beans in about two to three weeks.

The wind left us last night just as the sun started setting—leaving the plants more than slightly leaning over

But the sun sat in a lovely sky all bright and golden, with a true sense of peace falling on the land.

And a hush on everything living.

Wind is so important this time of year; wind brings the sap up from the roots of all the plants and trees, melts the snow and dries the mud.  But that huge massive wind (sometimes 40 m.p.h. gusts) tears upon everything and every one leaving a feeling of being ripped apart.

Then last night the pale wash of moonlight, and the glow of Venus next to the moon, lent a dream-like quality to the cold still air. Everyone and everything breathed deep allowing the stillness of the night of gather in and lend calmness to all.

The cold got down to 22*F –(-5c).  I’m sure the pears have joined the apricots in being frozen for the year.

Still today is bright, tangy with spring, the intoxicating scent of ‘new’ floating over everything.  Joy seems to be bursting forth in song and in my heart!

Well, off now to help Terry set water in the pinto bean field.  But I wanted to make contact with you, before the day grew old.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





A Blast of Winter Wind—-Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The wind is whipping everything and all things today.  It started yesterday afternoon and continued with intensity

The clouds and the lovely blue sky is trapped above massive amounts of dirt, blowing bits of weeds and leaves and tiny pebbles of soil.

The only noise outside is agitated and extraordinary and huge 40-50 m.p.h. wind lifting up even empty barrels of 50 galleon drums….what a shuddering mess this wind is.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Those Ancient Conversations with Prophets about God—-Monday, April 16, 2018

For Terry and I — those types of conversations occur constantly…every day and in every way, as we walk solidly up on the land

We see it at the Upper End when the lush grass starts to green up like emeralds, and the air is suffused with the freshness of Spring

We see the Uncompaghre Plateau brighten in the air as lovely as crystals shimmering in the sun

We feel the touch of God’s hand brushing our checks softly in the growing dusk

The wind sometimes lifts us to heights of wonder, complete with fear and trembling (on our part)

Then, when the cloud streaked sky is shredded with the last of the golden sun’s glow, we know, beyond the Shadow of a Doubt we are more than blessed.

From our world to your heart,




Beneath the Roar of the Harsh Spring Winds—-Sunday, April 15, 2018

We finally have a calm day.  Well, actually we had a calm day starting mid-morning yesterday.

It was lovely.  Cold, then warming up — to warm enough a coat could be shed, then cold again.
But that is okay.  It’s all about Spring, right now.

In the frenzy of the wind we also fought trash.  Lots and lots of trash.  Trash so thick and massive it would cause the water to flow over the top of the banks flooding into the next field where the water really should NOT be.

But things are being dealt with…the water for the fields.  (Terry wet plants, which means he waters all the field first, allows it to dry out enough he can get a tractor and planter in, then plants the seeds.  Once planted in four-five days the little plants pop out of the ground ready to begin their lives of growing.  Most other farmers dry plant.  Dry plant means you plant the seed into dry soil, then put water into the furrows wetting the soil and the seed at the same time.  The seed take a wee bit longer to emerge, but in the end it accomplishes the same thing…growing plants 🙂 )

April is the hurry and prepare month, the emerging of new green of leaves, small brilliant flowers–perfect for food for the honey and bumble bees,—the days longer, twilight gathering later and later in the day, soft flutter-bys flitting here and there, the awakening of those other flying bugs: midges, and flies!

And always, always, setting tubes amid the simple beauty of life on western Colorado farm,

Unfailingly, Your friend,


Wild Lavender-Gray Sky—Thursday, April 12, 2018

Yesterday the snow-laden clouds blew away by noon.

The air warmed up, until we reached the temperature of 84* (28.88 c) by four o’clock in the afternoon.

The sky was warm and lovely, full of puffs of clouds, with gentle little puffs of wind whirling in the air.


Today we are experiencing huge high winds.  40-50 m.p.h. gusts …it’s supposed to be here until sometime tomorrow.  Then we have a spell of cold weather (dropping to a high in the 50’s F 10 C),  and the wind will be back—huge blasts of wind coming back again by Wednesday of next week.

The bad thing about wind like this, is it brings with it lots of trash.  The Trash blows into the water and causes the siphon tubes to stop and the water to run over the banks.

But, you know what?  Although, this time of year is hard….Terry and I love every second of it.  (I think you know that already 🙂  )

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,




An UnEase in the Air Today—Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Photo from the other day when we got some glorious rain!

The sky is full of threatening clouds today…and it feels cold.  Cold enough, if I didn’t think better I would think it might snow.

Although….the weather people say we are going to warm up to 81* today.  How odd.

Another photo from our brief rain—irrigating in rubber boots

There is a slight breeze, but the scents in the air are of damp and, well, snow.  Along with the smell of water on the land, stirred soil, where I have been raking up last years trash on the flower beds, and the roaring canal running passed our farm.

The world is still turning toward spring, the days are growing longer and the nights much shorter.

Of which I rejoice!

This is Terry going out the other night in the rain to check the water, while I stayed inside all warm and dry.  🙂

Still…even if it does snow.  It is still Spring and it will melt and soon the air and the ground and everything alive will burst forth into a wondrous settled time of soft spring days!

I am ready.

I am waiting.

I am excited!

For after Spring comes SUMMER!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


In Need of a Wee Break—-Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In need of a wee break, Terry and I decided to head up to Ouray and relax for a couple of hours in that marvelous hot spring pool.

We changed the water in the dazzling rays of early morning

Then headed up to where the snow still veiled the mountains, and wind ruffled freezing fingers into your hair.

Once in the water all the cares and worries died to a murmur, while others in the pool laughed softly among themselves.

The snow laid heavily on the amazing peaks…sometime reflecting into millions of diamonds.  Once in awhile we could see rock climbers braving the face on the rugged cliffs, warmed by the afternoon sun.

Back home we came, just in time for sunset and the last change of water.


And ready to continue our daily lives on a western Colorado farm,

Your friend,


Winter into Spring, We are Very Blessed — Monday, April 9, 2018

Winter’s overwhelming lack of smells are gone.  Instead we have exciting fresh scents of varied EVERYTHING

Green things growing, water on parched soil, the smell of just fallen rain, mingled with whiffs of equines

Taking dust baths 🙂

(whatever Lady does TaAta thinks she must do also 🙂  )

The smell and feel of the air is crisp and soft and Fresh now— How lucky we are.


Later on in the slightly chilled evening,

Ta Ata came to Visit.

Spring…a time of joy on all the land,

From my heart to your world.




Quite Splendid and Terribly Rare for Us—–Sunday, April, 8, 2018

We got rain!  Lots and lots of lovely rain.

Even the birds were singing the trees, as the rain whispered through the small buds on the branches.

And I…I was that good wife, who let Terry go out at nine o’clock of the evening, in the roar of the storm to change the water ONE last time. He graciously told me to stay inside, that it wouldn’t take him long.

He came in a drowned rat…but ever so excited about the depth of moisture in the soil.

The wind blew the clouds away around five o’clock this morning…leaving us with that perfect mix of fresh air, fresh sky, blessed plants and earth from RAIN!

From my world to your heart,