On the Way to Vega Dam Lodge—-Sunday, July 22, 2018

After early morning chores, we loaded up in the Corvette and headed down to Safeway where we met up with several friends for a ride in collector cars

Over the top of Grand Mesa, we all drove…a single line of cool cars, receiving waves from on-coming cars

On the way home

We ran into a brief shower.  Complete with a rainbow.

But I accidentally deleted my camera chip so all my other photos, including the rainbow, are gone.

I wanted to cry.  I had more things on it than just the trip.  But, oh well, it is what it is.  😦

There is nothing to be done to get them back.  I wanted to cry.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



25 thoughts on “On the Way to Vega Dam Lodge—-Sunday, July 22, 2018

  1. Oh sorry about the camera …I hate when stuff like that happens…. but remember when we didn’t actually take a million pictures a day? And we still remember most of what we did anyway? But of course we can’t share without pix and I missed seeing your rainbow and oh darn now I want to cry too. The car “parade” sounds like so much fun! We’ve passed by a few of those with different kinds of antique and collectible cars and they always make me smile!


  2. It might be worthwhile taking the chip to your local computer wizard to see if they can recover the data on the chip. It may still be there, the computer just can’t find it. When you “delete” something, most of the time it is not really deleted, but the “address” or where to find it on the drive or hopefully chips too, is what is removed, or forgotten, so it looks like the data is not there, but it really is until it is overwritten by data later added. Worth a try, anyway.


  3. Yes the photos may still be there if the chip has not been super cleaned…I knew a gal in Law Enforcement who could retrieve anything her fellow officers accidently deleted. I am so sorry your photos are gone.


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