The Sky Sings to Us from the OtherWorld—-Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sometimes I think I can hear singing from the Heavens

The sounds shimmering in the sky and across the land

A sound so beautiful it feels like I can see the chorus; filtering through the clouds on the beams of light

Just there in the landscape lit so lovingly by the setting sun

The notes falling and rising in a ghost song…the choir those who love us (but have passed on) singing a bedtime lullaby: Sleep tight, we are here, you are safe…rest.

From my world to your heart,


15 thoughts on “The Sky Sings to Us from the OtherWorld—-Thursday, February 28, 2019

  1. It is so comforting to know there are others who feel this. Sometimes I think that if I could just turn around fast enough, a loved one would be there. Sometimes it is a beloved, special pet who seems to be there. As I get older, it’s nice to know they are with me and waiting for me.

    Thank you–there are always so many things to thank you for.



  2. When I went to Oklahoma at the end of 2012, I had never been off the West Coast, where all of our weather comes off of the ocean. I know that there is weather in Oklahoma too, but I could not imagine how it got there. While there, it was so intriguing to see clouds scooting about. On a particularly cool and breezy evening, I was fascinated to see herds of them coming up from the south, which was apparently not normal. I could not help but think that there must be a very productive cloud factory that was making them in Texas and sending them to Kansas. Incidentally, the following spring, the home we lived in while there was thrashed by a small tornado the day before the disastrous Moore Tornado that was just a few miles to the west. Oklahoma has weather too.


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