The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Mom Puts Her Foot Down

Mom was out picking up poop…. I know, I know…not a savory subject to talk about, but still.  Well, Poop Happens and since I’m a dog and, well, I think you understand.

So Mom was out going over the lawn with two plastic bags in her hand, she was holding a plastic bag and had her hand in a plastic bag; I watched her so I know.

Anyway up and down and back and forth she went bending over and scooping up then dropping into one bag, suddenly she stopped.

“Oh! No!” Mom exclaimed.

I rushed right over to where she stood and looked at POOP!

“Boomer, this is coyote poop and it’s right in the grass, right here on the lawn!” This is NOT a good thing!”

Mom continued on with her ‘duty’, then deposited the two white bags and headed into the house.

I waited outside on the sidewalk.

Then out came Dad and Mom.  Mom walked right over to the coyote poop and told Dad she was going to set up a game camera to see what is going on.

Dad agreed.

I wagged my tail.  I could tell her, but she wouldn’t understand what I was saying.

Mindy zipped over in her little Mindy cat dance, “What’s all the fuss, Boomer?”

“Coyote Poop.”

“Yeah, I know.  That’s why I don’t like hanging around outside in the dark too much anymore” Mindy replied to me.

“Let’s follow Mom and see what she is up to,”  I took off after Mom.

“Oh!  Game Camera!”

Mom put it on the long, long, lane and one looking at the lawn.

Then we waited.

Two days later Mom went out and got the camera, took it upstairs and

Yep.  Coyote.  Mindy and I knew that.

Then Mom set her foot down…will not really, she always sets her foot down when she walks,

but this time she told me “No running off, Boomer!  No adventures.  None!  And no sleeping outside, just because you want too.”

Then she looked very sternly at me “You understand, Boomer?”

I said I did, for you see I already knew.

It just took Mom a long time to figure out.

I looked at her and whapped the tip of my tail on the kitchen floor.  Little tiny whaps…just so she could understand, I understood, that if I stayed outside or ran off on an adventure Mom would not be happy with me.

So here we are…living in Coyote Country right in the yard.



26 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Mom Puts Her Foot Down

  1. We’ve got a ‘yote problem here, too. We’ve got them wandering the area in the daylight. Our NC Wildlife Dept. turned them loose on us as a deer deterrent. But, they didn’t TELL us they were doing it. It’s gotten so bad that Wildlife said they could be shot on sight. Nice job, guys!

    Yeah. Keep Boomer & Mindy safe.


  2. yeah, almost anyone either at the “edge of town” (us, here) or further away (such as you) — darned ‘yotes. Used to be it seemed we donated a cat a year to the coyote-lunch-fund. Fortunately, THAT hasn’t happened for a while, here.


  3. Charlee: “Wow, a coyote right in your yard? That’s awfully close!”
    Chaplin: “You’ll be safe inside the house after dark though. So that’s good.”
    Charlee: “As for the pooping, yes, poop happens here, too.”
    Chaplin: “Dada picks it up with a scoop and takes it into the garage.”
    Charlee: “I can only imagine what he’s doing with it but he must have a pretty big collection in there by now!”


    • I am not sure where her den is. I think it’s across the road in the drain ditch there or at our neighbor’s house. The house is sitting neglected and abandoned so she could be in a shed there.

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