My 12th Birthday Party a Sherlock Boomer Adventure Chapter 11

My Thirteenth 12th Birthday

Chapter Eleven


Momma and King walked together, Kit stayed with us for a short spell, then left—

“I am hungry,” he called over his shoulder, “I might catch up with you later on.”

I stopped and watch Kit lope across the Little Field, drop down over the small hill and …. was gone.


Well, at least I know he will check up on me off and on.

“Fill your tummy, Kit!”  I hollered.  “Come to the farm anytime you want.”

I shook myself looked over at King and Momma and said, “Let’s get to going.”  I put my beaglie body into a trot (just so I could keep up with King and Momma who were walking.

King, Momma and I stayed on the farm road…it was much easier to travel and we could see long ways down it.   The better to keep safe.

We just about at the Cross-Over pipe when I saw eyes shining in the dark!

“Stop here, Little Buddy,” King put his muzzle down to my ear and whispered.

“We aren’t alone.”  Momma also whispered.

“Coyotes! Oh, my heavenly stars.  COYOTES!” I panted.

“Shhh”, King put his hoof on my back…” Shhh.  Just stand still and see if they move on.”

So, we did.

We stopped right there.  No one making a sound.

Sure enough, the coyotes (there were three of them, but only one was close to us)

started trotting across last years pinto bean field leaving us alone.

That’s when we picked up the speed and practically ran all the way home.

Well, I ran, the deer trotted.

But still …. home we went.


“Here we are, King, Momma.  Make yourself at home. The haystack yard is warm, soft soil, and lots of good eating if you are interested.  The weeds are pretty nice behind the haystack backdrop also.

King and Momma started checking everything out.

I watched for a bit; the deer laid down, wrapped themselves in a circle each and closed their eyes.

“Good night, Boomer.  You’re a good friend,” King sleepily said as he drifted off to sleep.

“Yes, good night, Boomer,” replied Momma.

I raised a paw at them and turned toward the farmhouse.  It was so late I knew I would have to sleep outside in my doghouse.  But that’s okay.  It’s nice and warm and SAFE!

I slowly headed in, checking everything out as I went; I had to see what had changed while I was gone.

Home…Home is a good thing.





The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Mom Has Computer Troubles

Mom’s computer broke…well it really didn’t break, nor did it die, but the nasty “Time to Update” happened—after which Mom’s computer would NOT OPEN.

So Mom called her Computer Repair guy.  He was out on a call and would come by late afternoon to see what he could do.

So there was nothing to be done on the computer—-all day.  Which didn’t mean Mom did nothing.

She and Dad worked on removing nails from a building they salvaged,

cleaned up around the hay stackyard, loaded out another load of hay, cooked lunch, patched a roof on the tile house…

and in general, kept really busy!


Then late, late in the day!  The computer was repaired and good to go again!

Mom, Dad, and I  (also Mindy and the two chickens)  all danced with joy.


But more than all us…Mom was more than delighted!

Off to bed now.  It’s been a long day!


Silvering the Land—-Sunday, June 24, 2018

The almost full moon was lovely last night.  Casting silver light everywhere

After we went for a wee ride

Sat the last tube in the furrow, we went in for the short summer rest, which seems to occur this time of year.

Later, much later, feeling restless Boomer, Mindy and I went for a short walk.  I don’t like to travel too far when I have the cat trailing behind, or bouncing ahead, or running and hiding in the corn stalks.

It was a good thing I was still close to home just by the hay stackyard, when instinct, that voice of God, which we often ignore

Said, ”shhhhhhh.  Stop, go back, hurry, grab the cat, and get over next to the barn.”

Which I listened to and followed exactly to the letter.

The light from the moon shining brightly on a lone coyote rushing through the shadows which haunt the darkness.

We headed back carefully…through the old corrals, cat in arms, Boomer at my feet, until safe in the farmyard, where we all went into the house for a short summer nap.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-So Mom Says to Me

my-boomie-my-booSo Mom says to me—“Guess what, Boomie-Boo?  The sun is shining and it is kinda warm outside….lets go for a four-wheeler ride!

With that Mom, Dad, and myself ran out the back door, hopped onto the four-wheelers.  (Well, I didn’t hop, Mom won’t let me because of my very weak knee).  We took off for the Upper End, the Back Forty, No Man’s Land, even ran up on the Rocky Point where we saw a coyote heading down from Coyote Hill and racing through No Man’s Land onto the our neighbor’s pasture and through all the grazing cows.

The cows stopped and watch the coyote, took up the “you come to near and I will charge you” stance…but the coyote ran on.  Dad said we must have scared the ‘daylights’ out of the coyote for it to take off like it did.

Mom and I watched and watched until the coyote turn around a hill and was gone.


Then Dad went down and check out a one of the fence lines while Mom and I rode on top of the hill checking another fence line.


Then we all met up where Romeo hangs out, talked to him for a spell and headed back home.


It was a great time riding in the sunshine!





Two Photo Gifts from Two Different Friends—Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One year, I think two years ago, Cully Ray sent me a delightful Christmas Present; a photo of her dearly departed Australian Shepherd, Robert.

Here is what she wrote:  ” I have to tell you Fuzz really looks like my line of Aussies – and I am partial to the plain tri-colors (Red or Black). Everytime you post a picture of him, I just want to kiss his face!  LOL


I am attaching a picture of my boy, Robert (I lost him two years ago – I know he’s waiting at the Rainbow bridge for me)…
Have a wonderful Holiday!!
love and hugz and Blessings!
4Fuzzy 006
She is so right.  Every time I look at her Robert I do see Fuzzy.  It’s really nice to know what type of dog he might be—My vet says Border Collie and Chow-Chow,  another vet told me he was part Sheltie and Border Collie.
Fuzzy really is a very good dog!
Sometime ago OneFly sent me this photo: “This is not a great picture by any means, but it shows a coyote that was almost on top of this hurt elk.
The photo was taken just south of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
The magpies are just waiting for their chance after the coyote.
My bud, Kevin, who works right there said the elk survived at least enough to move on.”
I’m glad the elk was able to move on.  I hope it made it.  I am NOT a fan of coyotes…sorry!  If you are that’s fine, as for me–-I’m not.
I thank Cully Ray and Onefly for sharing with me photos of their lives, and allowing me to share them with you.  This wonderful world of the internet has given all of us an tremendous gift of friends both near and far!  I appreciate each and everyone of you!
OrangeRemember if you have have a photo that you would like for me to share with my readers I would be delighted to do so. It might not be immediately as I have several waiting to be posted.  I posting every Tuesday in the order that they arrive to me.
I WILL post them and I WILL link back to you with credit for your photo. 🙂
Your friend,

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Through the House’s Yard

Just before first light, that sky that has almost has a feeling of light coming.  You know the sky, it’s still black and very dark, but your body knows the light is supposed to start showing up…well; I was sleeping away, just dead-to-the-world, really asleep when Fuzzy jumped up and headed outside.


He jumped up so fast it woke me up!

Before I could get fully awake Monkey the Cat and Sammy the Cat ran past me growling, eyes big, heading toward the couch where they perched up on top, looking out the window, still growing.

I KNEW I was missing out; I jumped up and shot out the back door,



Yip,yip bark, bark….

Fuzzy and I were OFF!


Mom wasn’t far behind me; I struck my baying pose and pointed toward the picket fence…


Then I looked at Mom, she was flying out the door, pulling on her work jacket just as fast as running in flip-flops would let her…………….BARKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,  HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW

Mom didn’t run after Fuzzy and I (we were heading out into the old corn field by the house as fast as our legs could go).  No, Mom was heading toward the poultry house!


Well….too late.

Fuzzy and I trotted back to Mom…she was standing at the window talking to Tom who was standing IN the window, on top of the nesting boxes, letting out shrill gobbles and flapping his wings onto the glass.

Whew!  We were all hard at work!

Mom reached down and gave Fuzzy and I lots of pets, told us we were very good guard dogs, opened the door and gave a very agitated Tommy some pets, told him he did a great job protecting the poultry house, then we all went back inside.

Before we went in I followed the trail all over the yard…something wild this way ran…I tried to tell Mom.  Mom does pretty well about understanding, but she really didn’t know what ran through the yard.


Only we animals really know, and we don’t have real words to tell Mom.

Back inside I heard Mom tell Dad everyone is okay, she isn’t sure what went through, but whatever it was it was very exciting.  It also had everyone very upset.

“Well, could have been a fox or a couple of coyotes” replied Dad. “We’ll have to be on the look out to make sure they don’t come back.”

We will be on the same look-out, Fuzzy and I said. We are the GUARD DOGS!!!

(The photos are of a known fox (or foxes) that travel through.  No photo of whatever it was this time as it was actually in the yard of the house and by the back porch and car port.)


Boomer, a Good Dog

Oh, yes,


Fuzzy and good Dog

Oh………..yes………….and the two cats and Tom. Shish

I didn’t forget…I put them in.




Find the Coyote Hidden Pictures—Answers

Here are the answers to finding the coyote

Photo 1

This one was easier to spot than the second one

Photo 2

He/she is still looking at you, but had moved into the brush a little more.

Thanks for playing everyone!  I had fun and I hope you did too.


Hidden Pictures–Find the Coyote

” This guy was maybe 25 ft away and if there had been just a bit of greenery it would be invisible. A coyote might be fooled once with something and if it didn’t cost it it’s life that mistake would never be repeated”.—From TB from 

TB sent me over these two photo he took of a coyote. See if you can find the coyote.  I looked and looked and looked, when they want to hide, they can very well.

You can see the head in the first photograph pretty well.

Have fun!