Glowing in the Sun —- Monday, August 12, 2019

(Stolen from Pinterest)

Sadly summer is going fast!  Ever so fast!

The little Rufus Hummingbirds have arrived…always a signal the migration has begun

Then, yesterday, I noticed I was missing seeing the Robins

and the Oriels.  Darn it.

Summer is sinking fast.

Yes I know it’s still hot.  But time is winding down.

Moving toward that bright heady experience of Harvest and Fall, or Autumn, however, you wish to call it.

School is starting (even started in some places).

There we have it…summer, that most wondrous time of the year, is feeling the long, long shadow of loss of the Spring birds

Kinda sad, really.  But I’m going to take it one day at a time; pretending the cold weather is WAY out there in the future!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



18 thoughts on “Glowing in the Sun —- Monday, August 12, 2019

  1. I try to remember the animals are all still enjoying the benefits of summer, but I am hoping cold weather is NOT so say out there in the future ;-).


  2. Schools have been in session for a week around here, although we are ‘enjoying’ the hottest temperatures of the summer this week. I, too, prefer to think that winter and cold weather is a long way off.


  3. Yes, it was interesting that on Saturday morning I could feel/smell a change in the air. Chinese calendar says that Autumn began last Friday.


  4. I had to actually turn my heater on yesterday as the temp got down to 45 in the evening. Most birds are gone now, too. The crows are gathering by the hundreds and leaving. Heard the Sandhills a couple of days ago, but no baby again this year. Lots of coyotes. Sad. Here we have winter and July. But, we will be moving soon to lower altitude and much longer growing season in Idaho. WooHoo.


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