In Search of Magic —- Sunday, August 25, 2019

(From Pinterest)

Last year’s experimental crop, Hemp, expanded into a modern-day “Gold Rush” for our area.

Massive farms were purchased and planted to hemp.  Even people ripped up their yards and put in hemp.  Our air smells like skunk. 🙂

We’ve seen two large processing plants also come in.

Now, here is the rub…there are lots and lots of plants with potential to make thousands and thousands of dollars. That is all well and good.


(From what we are understanding) To get your hemp processed you have to ‘make an application to have your product processed.  And THAT, My Friends, is causing a huge cry of anguish here.

The secret to all crops is to have a market. And, of course for the market to pay you well.

If you have a crop and no market—then all the hype is just a shadowy shape rippling on the wind of speculation.

I saw another sundog glowing in the silver clouds!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


15 thoughts on “In Search of Magic —- Sunday, August 25, 2019

  1. Hemp is becoming a big crop here in east Tennessee as well. Farmers have to get a permit from the state to plant hemp, and so far there have been no reported problems getting the permit. The market seems to be here as well, with more and more hemp-based products appearing in the stores.


  2. Well, it shall be interesting to see how it all grows out. There must be a market, cuz cbd is showing up in everything, but the catch may be getting the processing done. Shall be interesting ~
    Very nice sundog!


  3. Since it is so new to your State it will take awhile to get the glitches sorted out. I read an article that said hemp had to be tested…so it is not hot hemp…The THC levels have to be watched.. Supposively certified seed helps with that problem. I read that the CBD oil is a big deal…I know nothing about it but some people are using it! 🙂


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