Returned—-Sunday, September 22, 2019

“After reading a good book I have a hard time coping with reality.” Unknown

Early in the morning, Stephan, one of the kids renting the farm, stopped and came in for a visit

He wanted to let us know that the alfalfa fields were ours once more.  Their contract for three cuttings had finished.

So, as the sun warmed the day, and before the winds generously swept across the farm

Terry and I went out to start the irrigation water in the fields.  It is not good to have the alfalfa go into winter dry.  Nor, does Terry try to get a fourth cutting.

This allows fields to put on nice growth.  After which the cows will have grazing and the plants will be healthy come Spring.  Not stressed.

We were pleasantly surprised that Stephan picked up all the siphon tubes in the pinto bean field, readying those fields for harvest, protecting the tubes, and helping us get the farm ready for winter.

Stephan also picked up his tubes so Terry and I had to jocky some around to begin the water in the alfalfa fields.

It was a lovely surprise those gathered siphon tubes. They returned the land as they found it.

Terry and I commented to each other; that it felt really nice to be back out on the land.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



22 thoughts on “Returned—-Sunday, September 22, 2019

  1. Wonderful that you have good renters like that! We have folks wanting to rent some of our fields as it becomes too much for Ralph to get over them all. However, there are two big farmers who have divided up who gets to rent from whom here in our town and alas, the one who wants to rent from us has a bad reputation. We are afraid to trust him.


    • I so understand. You have to follow your ‘gut’ in these things. Terry is delighted to have the farm back…I’ll be Ralph will be the same way. Now, Terry is talking like next year he is going to farm again. At least part of the land. 🙂


  2. I was just about to ask you how you liked retirement whenI see you aren”t. Winter is a good time to plan trips, especially to somewhere warm. Enjoy!



  3. Here in New England, I used to help a retired dairy farmer get in his hay ( city boy me). One of hi long aired laments was that alfalfa could be seeded in his fields, but just would not stay for more than a season or two. Melvin would have loved to get three cuttings!


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