Because Everything is Beautiful—Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Sometimes I am so, well, —  happy

The farm is just so beautiful

The farmyard is beautiful

The sunlight waking the earth from a wee sleep during the night is stunning

Brilliant light on the un-farmed parts, where the wild critters play remarkable

The air around the yard rich with the smells of lilies

A feast of color for the eyes

The heady aroma of roses

The happiness of our land squeezes my heart

Then while out setting water for the last time….walking in the exact same spot we have walked ‘for-ever’

I realized the pink rock I had set tubes by for years

— Was a perfect little gift from the Universe in the form of a heart!

From my world to your heart,



13 thoughts on “Because Everything is Beautiful—Wednesday, June 17, 2020

  1. Over the years you have found SO many hearty shaped rocks, here and there, all over your farm… and I think it’s because your Farm Land loves You! Terry grows amazing alfalfa and corn. You grow the most gorgeous flowers – when you’re standing there, it all surround you. . . It’s all love ♡


    • Thank you, Connie. We are…we are both very busy and find 1/2 of hard work is our limit, but we have figured out how to stretch out the 1/2 day so it goes the full amount of daylight hours 🙂


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