Haunting, Enthralling, Enchanting —Thursday, October 29, 2020

Before Autumn abruptly shifted into winter

I walked the farm marveling

At the dance the flocks of birds make, swirling and dipping in the sky.

Look who is back!  The day before the big wind, I saw a Sandhill Crane in the yard!

And a Crow on the road!

Not to mention

Our amazing hawk—I call him Harry. It might be a she, so Harriett would then be her name.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





The End—Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The end of golden leaves

The end of golden sunshine

And the beauty of

Red leaves among the green.

A huge wind came in Sunday evening

Announcing the end of fall’s warm days

All through Sunday night, it snowed

Temperatures dropped to 15*f (-9.4 c) with a wind chill of 2f (-16.6c)



But we are prepared.

The snow is not fated to stay.  By this time next week, we will be back in the field. (Hopefully)

Until then

Harvest has stopped.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


We are All Bits of Stardust — Monday, October 26, 2020

I love twilight

My maternal grandmother did too.

I called her Love Grandma.

Together, she and I would go walking in the velvet time,

Between day and night.

Or sit together (comfortably) in her kitchen [without any lights]

As the day turned to brilliant colors

And the air became like velvet.

It is still a magical time for me

A special time, no matter what the season,

A sacred time between ‘what was’

and what will become

A time of true magic

When the world holds it’s breath

Then everything disappears into stars.

From my world to your heart,



Thank You, Everyone—Sunday, October 25, 2020

The people who reach the end of their days must leave others who have to live out their days without them. Fredrik Backman—My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

All your kind thoughts and words have made the passing of my darling little beagle easier.

I found another heart-shaped rock.

I was taking down the dog houses and putting them away in one of the grain bins, tears in my eyes, missing that little dog who would have been right by my side as I worked,

When I saw the tiny little heart.

Then Helen Walsh, who lives in Dingwall, Scotland, Sent me a lovely rainbow!

You are (all) so right!


Boomer is ever so much better, now, there is no pain,

and he is with Fuzzy! (They are bestest friends forever—they tell me that ALL the time!)

Life goes on.

It has to.

If anyone would like to give a donation to an animal charity in Boomer’s name (You DO NOT HAVE TO, only if you want too)

I donated to  Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary 42528 Needle Rock Rd. Crawford, CO 81415 in memory of Boomer.

Or send one to your favorite animal shelter, there is such a need out there.

From my heart, in great thanks for each and every one of you, to your heart,






As the Autumn Leaves Fell Swirling —- Friday, October 23, 2020

Boomer, my Darling little Beagle

Passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

As Terry and I were digging his resting spot, I dug up a rock.  When I looked in my shovel I saw it was a heart.

Laugh if you must, but I feel it is a gift from the earth and from Boomer to me.

Boomer Beaglie Brown

2004 or 2006—October 22, 2020

Run free my baby Boomer.

From my heart to your world,


A Wee Gift of Magic — Thursday, October 22, 2020

There is something so extra special

When something unexpected comes your way

Taking you by surprise

That is what happened to Terry and me yesterday in the mail.

A special hand-made card-sending us strength and love as we move through this time with

Our darling little Beagle.

From my world to your heart,


As the Sun Sparkled on the Farm —- October 21, 2020

While Terry did all the things he needs to do

To get the corn harvested.

I headed out to put the farm to bed.

The day was just lovely.

There was a nice breeze

Cooling me as I worked.

One ditch finished.

A few more to go.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Skyline is Changing — Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Terry went out first thing Monday morning

Shelled some corn into a bucket

Then had the corn tested for moisture

WOW! 10%!

Normally we start at 14%!

So there you go

Several weeks early

The 2020 Corn Harvest has begun!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


WHAT! WOW! I Made it FIRST! —- Monday, October 19, 2020

As you know I love to feed the little wild creatures

fun little snacks they would never ever get

unless someone goes to the grocery store and buys them.


it goes down like this —Stanely or Stewart or someone

from the Vacuum Cleaner family shows up—Cute little furry rodents with darling little faces

Sometimes, but not always, the Quail get there and can snarf up the remaining bits leaving a clean plate for everyone else.

But yesterday, the little chipmunk made it up there before everyone else.  He/she stood and his/her mouth flew open as is to say: WOW!

It was a perfect treat for Chipmunk and a perfect treat for me!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,