Caught on the Game Camera— Monday, January 4, 2021

Who would have thought a pig would be wandering through on a very cold winter night?

Not Terry and I, but there you have it. A pig caught clearly on the game camera!

We think it must have gotten out of some farmer’s pig and started traveling.

The camera caught the pig moving through Christmas eve.  I haven’t seen it since.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm.


28 thoughts on “Caught on the Game Camera— Monday, January 4, 2021

  1. I was hoping you didn’t have wild boars and think you are right, it has escaped it’s farm. Please tell me what kind of game camera you have, model and so forth. We’ve had three different ones over the last three years and after the first year they don’t seem to do as well especially with after dark photos. I don’t expect to see pigs here but sure would like to know what’s stirring up our dogs after we go to bed. Hope it’s not people!!!
    Happy New Year girl!!!


  2. When we lived in New Mexico we saw a wild boar outside our house in the wilderness, Linda. It was so unexpected. In New Mexico’s south, along the Texas border wild boars are seen occasionally, but not as far north as Continental Divide where we lived. This is probably an escaped pig from a farmer’s stock, but, who knows?


  3. We always ate a marzipan pig at New Years because they were considered to bring good luck in the new year. I guess a real pig will do, too.


  4. The strangest thing that ever visited my parents farm was an emu. We don’t know were it came from or where it went. We just saw it out the window in the area between the house and the barn and it kept going.

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