It Took Flight, Much to Our Surprise — Monday, March 29, 2021

Terry and I were stunned, to say the least.  I think you might be surprised, also

Here is the shed…that little white building with the door open, right behind the horse trailer

There was a slight breeze…just enough to ruffled the blue plastic

Suddenly the shed took flight

Lifting up off the ground and over the fence

Over the fence!  For Sure!  And Up, UP, into the sky

Dust from the lift-off swirling in a column as the shed flew even higher

If you could see, the shed is above the trees at this point

Then it started to come down

Where it landed!

We tried to remove it, but it’s way too heavy and way too high; we will have to dismantle it piece by piece in the next day or two.

Just seeing this whole thing occur was shocking. A tad amazing!  And rather crazy all at once.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



34 thoughts on “It Took Flight, Much to Our Surprise — Monday, March 29, 2021

  1. Wow! Cool that you got it on film.

    We had the same sort of thing happen at our place. Not on camera, but the run-in shed, a bit larger than you shed, was lifted up in the air and deposited into the middle of that pasture’s pond. When we got home from work the goats were all milling about where the shed once was with nothing of the shed left by bedding. The roof of the shed was visible mid-way towards the middle of the pond. No goats were harmed and the neighbor said there was no storm, just a bit windy as would be normal for windy NE Texas spring day. The metal has subsequently blown off the shed during a recent storm and the upper frame is now visible in the pond. The herons sometimes stand on the supports and take naps. We tried and tried to get that shed out of the pond but were unsuccessful. I guess the fish are now using it for shelter, etc.


  2. Totally wild! It’s nice to have excitement in the neighborhood, but a flying shed – no! Glad no one or critter was harmed. Dust devils!


  3. Yikes! You must have had quite the wind gusts. And to get pictures of it sailing thru the air, is amazing too. Sorry for the work you will have to do to remove it. Glad nobody was hurt!


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