A Tiny News Report — Water, Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Our area—not just where we live and farm

But our whole area, everything below the Grand Mesa, areas fed from the Gunnison River and the Uncompahgre River

Are being rationed for irrigation water.

Some places have already been told they will have NO water and domestic water is also being monitored

You see there has not been enough snow in the mountains for the last two years (longer in some areas)

The snow this year will melt into the ground and fill the underground lakes and streams and possibly the lakes and reservoirs

Hopefully the lakes and reservoirs.

The water managers have begun rationing…

It’s early…very early…usually rationing doesn’t start until the heat of summer.

Water—-it’s on everyone’s lips. A nagging concern in the back of everyone’s mind. And constant management on all farms with all farmers.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



21 thoughts on “A Tiny News Report — Water, Tuesday, April 27, 2021

  1. Yes, they say all of Western Colorado is in a drought and there’s fire danger. We seem to get the snow over here. We need to do a rain dance. praying for snow in your mountains


  2. Since Colorado snow feeds the rivers that nurture the entire American west, this is a bad sign for many. I wish for the best for your farm and the many other suffering in drought. These are difficult times.


  3. Hope it works out so that you get enough water! Dry here too, although it seems to rain all the time. River is the lowest I have ever seen it and for some reason the state is not closing the locks and dams. Keeping them open last year killed most of the bottom ecosystem, so there are few birds…probably because the fish are gone. Tragic and pointless.


  4. Charlee: “We hope you get the water you need for your farm!”
    Chaplin: “They’ve declared a drought here in the northern part of the state, and we won’t be at all surprised if it spreads down here as well.”
    Lulu: “Maybe then the HOA will stop sending letters telling us we have to water the lawn more …”


  5. Wow ….that’s scary that they’re rationing the water already. What will happen this summer? I’m praying for you guys and your crops. May all be well.


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