Exposed—that Amazing Rip in the Sky — Wednesday, June 16, 2021

I received an email from Pennsylvania about

This photo I called A Rip in the Sky.  Here is what he wrote:

“Hi, Linda. 
Very interesting photo.

Just like the jet heading west, this was at a greater height than the clouds, and still getting full sunlight.
Do you ever notice military aircraft overhead?  With the bends in what might be a contrail if, from a military aircraft on maneuvers, that would be my only guess. But it is sooo wide!  B52 Stratofortress, maybe?  Hitting elevation to create contrail, then descending?
All speculation on my part.
Here is another interesting website. It shows all aircraft in the sky on an interactive map:
If you press the “U” button, it hides commercial and personal craft, showing only military aircraft. (But sometimes the military craft shut their beacon off to be “invisible”.)
If you click on an airplane, it shows you what the aircraft is, and its prior flight path, and other stats. Color designates elevation.
Also, when I first open it, it is always zoomed in over New York. So you have to zoom out and drag to get to where you want to view.
It is and can be kind of fun. If something buzzes over and you wonder what it was, this can oftentimes show you if you check it right away/soon thereafter.
Hope all is well!”
Now that knowledge alone is pretty interesting.  And something you can bookmark for your own information.
Then I got another email from Joe, just yesterday afternoon stating:

“Took this pic Friday evening on the way home from my daughter Lily’s softball game.
Hope all is well.”

WOW, one just like I saw! 

How neat that is!

Don’t forget to LOOK UP, Everyone!  There is exciting and wondrous stuff in the air!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


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