A Sweet, Quiet Melody — Monday, July 26, 2021


A wee, but perfect, little snack bar

OH!  Sharing with a Robin

Here, try this little bit I plucked out of the tray just for you—something light, bright, and oh, so sweet. 🙂

From my world to your heart,


13 thoughts on “A Sweet, Quiet Melody — Monday, July 26, 2021

  1. OH LInda, that is soo nice to have the sweet birds. We have not had any Hummers for at least a week. Have the feeders clean and fresh liquid. What do you have for them in the feeder they are enjoying? Hope you and Family are ok. From South central Kansas. Sharon Drake


  2. LOVE the Robins. How cute. I’ve never seen a Robin on a Hummingbird feeder. I guess they like the sweet stuff, too…after a worm. LOL!

    I finally figured out what kind of bird that has taken up residence in a bush at our backdoor. We have a pair of gray catbirds raising babies. I’d never seen them in the yard before this year. Tee-hee. The light on my Adirondack chair and I get to watch them from the kitchen window. They are cute but, they are fussy.


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