21 thoughts on “The Sound of Corn —Sunday, 25, 2021

  1. Charlee: “Ooh, I bet it would be fun to play with that corn silk!”
    Chaplin: “And maybe eat it!”
    Lulu: “What is it with you two and eating things that aren’t food?”
    Charlee: “Anything that looks like fur or fluff is fair game for eating when you’re a cat.”
    Chaplin: “Including spider webs.”
    Lulu: “Eww, what if the spider is still in it?”
    Charlee: “Extra protein!”


  2. Oh, I am so familiar. I can still remember the sting of the leaf edges. If the corn didn’t cut you, the Johnson grass would. And, the smell of fresh corn…or having to smack away the yellow jackets while shucking. If they weren’t after the corn, they were after the Granny Smith apples or the peaches. Aggravating!


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