From Kate —- YAY— Sunday, August 15, 2021

It is ever so much fun to open my email and find a wee gift:


We’ve just had the first rain of the season. Winter’s nearly over, storm season (spring) is on the way and is forecast to start early.
Each morning that the Husband is on day shift, I take Mouse out for a walk, carrying a sandwich for the Husband in my pocket. He pulls up his fuel tanker at the bottom of the hill near our house on his way back into the fuel terminal to reload, and I hand the sandwich up into the cab. Today, it was drizzling a little, but the sun was also out, and there was a faint rainbow in the dark sky behind him. You can see the A and B trailers of his truck on the left, he was just pulling out when I took the photo. I told him he’d dragged it into town from out in the bush specially so I could take a photo for you 🙂
I hope you’re OK, and not missing Mindy too much.  Our animals are tied by such strong strings to our hearts, aren’t they?
Love, and hugs,
Thank you so much, Kate.  Yes, they wrap themselves into our hearts, minds, and souls. 🙂  I do believe Mindy is gone, although, I keep looking for her every day.
From my world to your heart,

10 thoughts on “From Kate —- YAY— Sunday, August 15, 2021

  1. That is a great photo! I love seeing rainbows 🙂 Your husband has a great job!! I also work for a trucking company. I have to thank all the drivers out there! Sometimes the people don’t appreciate how much drivers have to sacrifice to get product from point a to b! You can tell I’ve been in the industry for about 35 plus years! lol…PS that’s so sweet you bring him a sandwich!!


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