God Washed Us In Wind and Snow — Monday, January3, 2021

The wind chill is terrible

Weaving snow and sleet and frozen stuff into a heavy veil of BRRRR

Although the sun was bright— the sky was covered in clouds and cold—so seeing a bright warm sun was impossible.

The air washed in white, the mist thick and thicker

That muddle of winter storm ringing in the year 2022.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


20 thoughts on “God Washed Us In Wind and Snow — Monday, January3, 2021

  1. Wow. You guys are really getting the freezing weather. We ended up getting only a couple inches. Stay warm by the wood stove!


  2. We got a dusting of snow, too. This day…hmmm… I woke up to the heat not working and water dripping out of the flue to the wood stove. We got the heat fixed but, we are still dripping water from the wood stove flue. I went up in the attic, twice, to look at possible damage. Then, the Internet crashed. Geez…

    I hope you are warm Momma!


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