Lingering, Hovering, Whispering, I Am Here—Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A year ago, on May 4th I had

a four-wheeler wreck when the shovel I was carrying

Slipped and flipped under the back tire wheel

I broke the knuckle straight across and knocked a chip out of it.

Well, time moves on.ย  The physicians told me there really wasn’t anything they could do.

It would heal over time; ceasing to hurt.

It healed but it never stopped hurting.

Then around the last of this April, I tripped on the Gas hose, while fueling my car.

This time I knocked the little joint out of place

Causing more pain to an already continuously painful finger

So—in making a long story short.

The hand specialist said there is nothing to be done. He said lots of other things and advised me on the purchase of a glove, to rest the tendons, and take pain meds.

Arthritis has taken over the first knuckle and will take over the tiny knuckle at the tip.

It just is how it is.

So there you have it: pain, lingering, hovering, whispering constantly—letting me know I have a little finger, which now hangs outside of the normal part of my hand, catching on things, finding little ways to let me know—

I carried the shovel in the wrong spot on my four-wheeler.ย  Just in case I forget when I go out to change the water.


Just in case.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



31 thoughts on “Lingering, Hovering, Whispering, I Am Here—Wednesday, June 1, 2022

  1. Ouch. I’m seeing a hand specialist tomorrow for severe arthritis and a bone spur in my thumb. Have to see if they say: “Live with it.”
    Don’t give up. See another specialist, technology keeps improving.


  2. OwowowOW! Amazing how many times we bump spots on our body without ever noticing … until … !! My answer for relieving soreness is always a warm (nearly hot) soak in Epsom Salts.


  3. Oh Linda, how awful! You all sure seem to get things. Would another doctor’s opinion be useful? I know plastic surgeons usually do hands. Maybe one could help, and you could get a facelift at the same time–two for one.

    Hope Terry is continuing to do well.

    Love, hugs, courage, and luck



  4. Oh my , so sorry that you injured it twice…I know how bad it is when you keep injuring an injury…maybe the next time you will fix it! So sorry there is nothing they can do. I can imagine that you catch it on everything…maybe use flex wrap and wrap it to the next finger to give it some protection especially when you are outside working:)


    • I do that. Wrapping helps with the weeding, which is wonderful. Copper gloves help my tired tendons, but when I in the water…I just have to let it be. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  5. I buy an ointment invented and compounded by a pharmacist 800 miles away and they mail it to me. It contains aspirin and arnica, and it works. I have arthritis in multiple joints, plus a ring finger joint which has never worked properly since they discovered a tumour in the main joint and had to reconstruct it with a bone graft. I wish I could send you some, but I don’t think Customs would allow it through… I’ve also been told a splint worn for a few hours a day to straighten the joint would help, but I do too much with my hands to be bothered with that. Do you think you’d find that worth your while?


  6. I’m sorry to hear about your finger. I can sympathize with you since doctors have told me there is nothing that can be done about my back, so I’m now using a cane almost all the time. Oh, the joys of getting older!


  7. My Husband has a lot of pain in joints and bcause of other issues he cannot have any surgeries. Our Dr. gave him Celebrex. It is for arthiritis . Does not make you sleepy or other bad effects. It of course is persciption. After the first 2 or 3 you say AHHHH . Price is very little. I took it while working at a plastic factory. Nothing helped. But it was great.I do not take it anymore. Like I said no bad side effects. His pain has been very little. At least ask Dr. about it. You need some relief. Sorry for your discomfort. We have had a lot of rain the last 2 weeks in south central Kansas. The wheat has started turning color. But harvest should be late June or July. There is some wheat that did not make, because of no rain all fall and spring. But that is the way it goes. Take care. Sharon Drake


  8. Good Grief, I can’t believe there wasn’t something they could have done for you. Now it sounds worse than ever. I fell one year ago this week and broke my wrist. They put a cast on it but one person wanted to show the xray to a hand and wrist specialist, who called me at home and said it would not mend right and he wanted to do surgery on it. I now have a wrist with many pins in it but works perfectly and no pain. I wish the same could have been done for you in some way. I’m so sorry for your pain and having to always remember your finger and hand.


  9. Oh, Momma. I am so sorry. As awful as this sounds, is there some way to surgically re-break the knuckles and pin them to heal properly? Splint them the straight and let them heal?


  10. I’m siding with the second opinion folks. That finger looks very painful and surely a finger can be helped at least some?


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