Youth Doesn’t Understand — Monday, July 4, 2022

When you are young, life stretches way, way, way out there

Youth understands there are good people who often suffer

and bad people who seem ‘to get it all’

Over time, youth matures and understands that there is no explanation

How Fate is metered out.

Gradually we learn,

The future is an uncertain place—where anything might happen

Always lingering on the edge —waiting for the next moment in time to occur- that is the future.

In old age, we realize we have finally grown to understand

Everything, all things, no exceptions

Pass by quickly.

And each day is not only a gift but a blessing.

And there really isn’t anything more to ask for.

So this day of celebration—remember to celebrate your day-to-day gift of living, in this land we live in,

the land of the free!

Happy 4th of July, My friends!

As Always,







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