The Adventures of Boo Berry Betty on Friday—-Getting Use to My New Life, July 8, 2022

First off—everything was very scary!  Very!  But gradually I am getting used to everything.

I’ve been here 9 days now.

Nine very eventful days.\

I’ve met Black Beauty, TLC Cai-Cai, all my human sisters and my humans’ brothers-in-law,  and Mom’s granddaughter Tallin.  It’s been a lot!

I have also gone on several four-wheeler rides, the first time in Mom’s arms then I got my own four-wheeler seat.

Once I get off the four-wheeler I get to help Mom and Dad change the water

While they are doing that I sniff up and down the ditch bank.

(All the fast running water scares me so I stay away from it.)

On my last trip up to the new Alfalfa field I found something I didn’t know existed—

COYOTE POOP!  Oh! The! Joy! I sniffed all over it then laid down and squiggled my body all over it.  I was in Heaven.

It was at that point Mom yelled at me!


Shish. My dirty nose and face are just fine, Mom!

Back home I got WASHED!


Anyway…I’m home. It’s nice. Mom says I’m becoming a FARM DOG!

Boo Berry Betty

27 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boo Berry Betty on Friday—-Getting Use to My New Life, July 8, 2022

  1. Being a farm doggie sounds like just the best job ever, B. The animal poop is a surprise bonus! Mom is growing a tomato plant and a pepper plant in pots on the balcony. We have never grown food in our lives, so it’s pretty exciting. That’s as close as I will ever get to being a farm dog…. Plus there’s no animal poop allowed around here.

    Love and licks,


  2. Well hello Boo Berry Betty! You’ve landed in one of the Best Colorado homes ever! I am sure you are gonna love it ~ Hope you and Cai-Cai are getting along. Keep us posted!


  3. Oh Boo, this is a great post! I am so happy for you – the adventures you’ll have and the love you’ll be surrounded by are everything you deserve Sweet Girl.


    • She is adjusting to LIFE BEYOND the Kennel. She was born in a kennel and raised in a kennel and spent her whole life in a kennel. It’s a big adjustment at times.


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