Okay—Here is This Creature Again —- Wednesday, September 5, 2022

Okay— remember this creature from the other day

And no one (including myself) can seem to figure out what it is?

Well, here it is again.  I wish I could get a good photo, one that could identify it.

Here is a pig caught in our yard.  I only saw it once.

Not this! This is a Badger!!

Ahummmmmmmmmm and we know this one.


Here is the badger

But this?!  I can’t figure it out–although, I think this is different than the one at the top

This one is easy to recognize

Here is a porcupine

Just a huge puzzle.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



38 thoughts on “Okay—Here is This Creature Again —- Wednesday, September 5, 2022

  1. Hi Linda, maybe you can check out the footprints in the daylight. Could it be a young bear? Has the garbage been disturbed? Hope you find out soon. We all want to know! Do you have a government trapper in your area? If there are tracks or it left a pile on the trail. They would know. Worry about your pets.


  2. Linda, that looks suspiciously like a bears’ butt walkin off. 🐻 Maybe a cub? Cuz it doesn’t look very big… yet.
    If it’s not a porcupine.
    Not a possum.
    Not a badger.
    Doesn’t look like a wild boar. Or a dog.
    Not Petunia the skunk… Pretty much leaves a 🐻


  3. It looks almost like a wolverine, doesn’t it? The tail brought wolverine to mind for me. Probably not, some scat or a good print for the local wildlife officer. Good luck finding out. Would be good to know.


  4. Definitely an ET! It seems to me you have have eliminated the local critters so why not expand the search to something more exotic and dare say far-fetched!

    Love your blog and the pictures.


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