Going, Going, Almost Gone — Sunday, September 5, 2021

My little flock of Hummingbirds is starting to dwindle

Gradually the feeding at my feeders is becoming less and less

I have gone from 12 feeders

Down to two.

And the reality is, I really only need one.  But I keep up two so they don’t have to fight for a spot.

Soon the Swallows will follow. When that happens the Summer birds are all gone.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Air and Sky Around the House is Silent—Thursday, September 5, 2019

(From Pinterest)

They have flown…

Yesterday morning, after the sky warmed; they all gathered in a huge bunch

And —-left!

I will miss them.

I tried to make the most of the time they were with us, for I knew they would not always be here.

Good-bye, my little friends.  Our house and buildings will be waiting here for your return next Spring.


The passer-throughs- are here!  YAY!  I still get to have swallows on the wires and singing in the air.

So, although, they won’t be here long, I will have a few each day for a wee spell.

AND THAT! My Friends makes all the difference!

From my world to your heart,




We are all Members of the Earth—-Wednesday, September 5, 2018

We woke up to a gray morning, clouds closed down and mist like rain falling on the land

It has rained off and all so far this morning the light gray with the ghostly shimmer of falling raindrops

It’s beautiful.  We are so much a part of the earth that when the earth suffers so do we.  And when the earth is nourished so we are.

A wee ride to the Upper End to set the water in the pasture up there was a tad wet…but ever so joyful!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm




Color Poured Over Us —– Tuesday, September 5, 2017

“August has passed, and yet summer continues by force to grow days.  They sprout secretly between the chapters of the year, covertly between its pages.”— Johnathan Safran Foer


The horrible fires here in the west

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Are wrecking havoc on all the wonderful trees, homes, and lives of people—although the news is not mentioning anything about them.

Our skies tell the story….clouds running thin and high or even slackening veering off to other places … leave only the smoke to color the world

We work under that huge orange orb; evening, noon, and


Although, there are no fires right here.  There is testiment, in the skies, of the horror others in the west are experiencing.

The sun, like a torch (which it is) throwing masses of color into the air…speaks volumes of the terror stalking those in the burning west.

From my heart to your world.



The Soft, Bright Glow of the Sky—-Monday, September 5, 2016

Almost-a-RainbowWe have had a series of storms move through last week.

Love-Rainbows-2Along, with the overcast sky we were gifted with many rainbows— Rainbow-1The sun’s rays glinting off the rain droplets settling the stretched and frayed  sky


From here to my friend, Rene’s sky in Paonia.  (A rainbow over the Paonia Ragged Mountains)


A closer view of the deep storm tangled Raggeds wrapped in hues of wonder

Rainbow-through-the-ZinniasEven my zinnias wrapped themselves in the colors of the sky

Rainbows-in-the-sky-1The  rainbows wrappedthemselves around our small corner of this big magnificent world.

Love-Rainbows-3Flickering like sunlight on the snow, spanning our daily work in an amazing manner–nothing lackadaisical, but stunning, and gorgeous, and wonderful!

From my world to your heart,




Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I always find the wording of these old news stories very interesting.  A sort-of polite tongue-in-cheek bit of humor!

Today we should have the stove in place and the roof fixed.  We got the wood hauled yesterday and sorted.

Your farm friend,



From the Past
Compiled from Delta Newspapers by the Delta County Historical Society
251 Meeker Street, Delta, Colorado, 81416  (970) 874-8721
From the Delta County Independent
September 5, 1913

Lewis G. McBroom, arrested at Hotchkiss on charges of theft a little more than a month ago, and being held for trail at the next term of district court in this county, tired of prison life in this city and opportunities for further service [sic] a that greater guard house in Canon City, and consequently concluded to work out his own freedom. He completed this delivery from the county jail at a little after noon hour on Sunday when people were going home from church and there is yet some wonder that he could drop from sight entirely undetected.

His plan of escape was to get under the jail floor through a trap door or loosened boards and then dig out two or three brick and one stone of the foundation on the court house side, thus making a hole which would allow his body to pass through.  He had evidently worked on this passage-way for some days and with a piece of steel bar broken from one of the cells some time ago by Marshall, the forger acquitted at the last term on his insanity plea.

Completing his avenue of escape, McBroom invited Chanes, the young Greek recently arrested for stealing and forging checks at Dominquez Canyon, and the only other prisoner in the jail at the time, to join him in his delivery, but the Greek declined. Half an hour later Chanes saw two young ladies passing the jail.  He hailed them and related the disappearance of McBroom.  He then said he wanted to see an officer and a note was written to Sheriff Sampson which was delivered as soon as that officer could be located, and a systematic search is now being made with the hope that McBroom can be located and returned to prison.