Hey! Girls! Come On!—Wednesday, November 2, 2022

“Wow! How Cool!  The Electric Fence isn’t working.  Come on LaVerne. Come on T’Ata!” Glory Bee slid under the fence and trotted out onto the farm.

“Oh, yum, a whole field of freshly frozen alfalfa.”  Glory Bee mumbled to herself.

“Are you sure we should be out here, Glory Bee?” LaVern asked.

“Hummmm, what is that smell?”


“I’m going to go down this hill and see if I can actually SEE a coyote and not just smell a coyote!”  LaVerne explained to T’Ata.

“You do that, I’m staying in the alfalfa field.” replied T’Ata

“RUN!!!! Mom is on her way to get us!  RUN!”

It took a bit, as those of you with horse knowledge know, but after a bit Shannon and I got the girls rounded up and back in their own part of the farm.

From our world to your world,


15 thoughts on “Hey! Girls! Come On!—Wednesday, November 2, 2022

  1. Lulu: “Ahh, sweet escape! I did that once when I was new and Mama and Dada took me to visit their friends who unbeknownst to them had a hole in their fence. My runaround didn’t last long, though, since I was wearing the GPS collar at the time and Mama pretty quickly tracked me down to the front of their friends’ house.”
    Java Bean: “What were you doing there?”
    Lulu: “Lying in front of the garage door looking at the street.”
    Java Bean: “Ay, that sounds, uh, muy loco …”


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