Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The rains have arrived.  They threaten all day long, then around 8:00 in the evening they began.


We were lucky that it waited until we got home.  Just as I drove into the shed the rain started falling in a serious manner. Terry didn’t believe me when I said it was raining (he beat me in) but as we walked out of the building he became a believer.  🙂


Today Terry has a meeting, which leaves just the dogs and I to change the water…I hope it isn’t raining at that point.  I also dread the drive on a mud slick ditch bank, but I know it can be done.

Storm-3 Yes, I do!


Anyway, The Farmer’s Almanac has printed their predictions for the up and coming winter…I’m already ready for Spring.  I guess I shouldn’t be so selfish, as I know some of my  Dear Blog Friends are also ready for Spring—-they can only have Spring if we have Winter so I’ll slap on a Happy Face and ‘try’ to be okay with Winter.

Now for the Good part of Winter…if the predictions are true we will have snow, which means the reservoirs should recover some, which is a very good thing.


Your Grateful the pinto beans are harvested and sold and the hay is baled and stacked friend,