Our Precious Life — Sunday, March 18, 2018

Terry finished rolling all the plowed fields. (Think of plowed fields the same as double-digging up your garden bed—double digging is deeper than using a rototiller), but then it must be rolled (or raked, if you are in a garden) to smooth out the ground again.

Then after rolling comes leveling (in this case putting a slight grade to the field so the water will run to waste ditch.  Leveling is akin to taking a board and smoothing out your garden or the cement on a sidewalk.

As for me….well, I’ve been cleaning up all the winter trash (corn leaves) blown around all the buildings and into my yard

Spring works also includes…getting my yard and the farm yard ready for spring! 🙂

Ethel and Thomas Davis (recently here for a wee visit) have a marvelous website Called FourWindowPress, where delightful poems and other things are published.

Ethel wrote a wonderful poem about their visit to our farm.  Terry said she captured the truth about why he/we farm—work and joy together!

You have a good day today…spring is in the air.

I saw my first Robin yesterday!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




The Lion of March Enters—-Sunday, March 4, 2018

The hard frozen ground of winter is giving way to spring.

The crunch of leaves is gone…leaving soft leaves of mush, and long-ago brittle twigs even drier than when they first fell from the trees

The big birds are migrating now.

The large flocks, which slept on the farm over-night, are starting to shrink to smaller flocks.  The air, in early morn and late evening ring with sounds rippling through the air –the songs of their flights

All the snow is gone…the wind having dried the ground.

Only patches remain here and there.

Although, the wind today is strong, I never mind the wind.  I actually I am one of those rare people who likes the wind.  I love feeling it on my face, in my hair, swirling around me in all directions.

Once, when I was a child, I took the black plastic that covered ensilage pits; tied each end to my arms and legs (behind me) and turned myself into the wind—I became a human KITE!

The wind blows most of spring, in our area (March through June), —we are surrounded by mountains on all four sides—wind is necessary to melt the snow, stir the sap, dry out the ground, open the earth for growth.

Today my heart lifts with the birds in the sky—I can feel the faint movement of velvet Spring not far off now!

From my Heart to your world,




As Winter Dims and Spring Brightens—Thursday, February 16, 2017

checking-cowsWe ride out to check the cows at least once a day. (I need a new work coat.)

little-onesThe cows watch us, but never running in fear.  Boomer is their main concern, but he never leaves the four-wheeler.

hidden-as-mom-says Moma’s hide their little ones out, saying to them —-‘stay, don’t move, don’t draw attention to yourself in any manner’.

calfThe older calves no longer care what we are doing or how close we ride.  Their concentration is usually set on something else they find wondrous and marvelous….never seen before.

hidden-001This little on has one eye on us and her ears cocked so she can run if necessary.

sweetieThe wind was quiet, the sun warm and bright, as we traveled slowly, ever so slowly counting heads, counting babies.

well-groomedThis is my favorite, so far.  She is very particular about her fur, keeps it herself well groomed and very clean.  See the curls on the side of her belly from all her licking?  🙂

newWe (Terry, Boomer and I) stop along the hillside listening to the cows moving through the grass, talking softly to each other and/or their calves, the chirping of the Red Winged Black birds adding into the softness of a very lovely spring day.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Song of the Red-Wing Black Birds, Monday, April, 20, 2015

This Spring the Red-Winged Blackbirds came!

I don’t know why they have left the Upper End with it’s lush pond and a swampy area, but they have.  When they came (and they are still here) the Western Meadow Larks and all the other birds left for the Upper End, although yesterday I saw Robins on the Western side of the house and yard.

I’m not complaining I love their cheerful little songs and watching them flit and fly from branches to my feeding stations.

They are most joyful birds, don’t you agree?

Your friend,


First Blooms of the Season–Sunday, March 22, 2015

The apricots are blooming!

Apricot-tree-6All our trees (we only have four) are ancient apricot trees.

Apricot-tree-5The one on the farm road has pink blossoms—it is the only one on the farm to have pink blooms.

Apricot-tree-1The one at our house has white blooms

Apricot-tree-3The other two in the yard of the other house are a cross between pink and white

Apricot-tree-4But the pretties of them all (to me) is the one on the farm road.

Spring has now officially arrived…the Apricots are blooming!

Happy Spring all my friends!  Or Happy Autumn if you are now experiencing the cool down — opposite of our warm up!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,





Is It Spring? February 9, 2014

Stuck-2Yesterday we went from snow to slush.  The day warmed up to somewhere in the 50’s.

Although, having lovely warmer weather is nice, the mud isn’t.  But we MUST go through the mud to get to dry ground.

The weatherman predicted rain for today, but nwt is just saying cloudy with temps in the 50’s again.

Could we be so lucky that winter has decided to leave?  Only time will tell.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac is stating that February 16th is the day ‘winter’s back will be broke’.  Until that time yesterday, and so far today, it feels like maybe…..just maybe…we are heading toward spring.  One day at a time!


I’m ready and I’m sure you are also!

We are heading up to the Uncompahgre Plateau to go sledding today.  The little grandchildren haven’t been this year so to celebrate a shift in the weather we thought this might be a fun thing to do.

I hope your day has the same feeling of hope in it, the same sense of renewal, laying buried almost ready to burst forth.

Your farm friend,



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The rains have arrived.  They threaten all day long, then around 8:00 in the evening they began.


We were lucky that it waited until we got home.  Just as I drove into the shed the rain started falling in a serious manner. Terry didn’t believe me when I said it was raining (he beat me in) but as we walked out of the building he became a believer.  🙂


Today Terry has a meeting, which leaves just the dogs and I to change the water…I hope it isn’t raining at that point.  I also dread the drive on a mud slick ditch bank, but I know it can be done.

Storm-3 Yes, I do!


Anyway, The Farmer’s Almanac has printed their predictions for the up and coming winter…I’m already ready for Spring.  I guess I shouldn’t be so selfish, as I know some of my  Dear Blog Friends are also ready for Spring—-they can only have Spring if we have Winter so I’ll slap on a Happy Face and ‘try’ to be okay with Winter.

Now for the Good part of Winter…if the predictions are true we will have snow, which means the reservoirs should recover some, which is a very good thing.


Your Grateful the pinto beans are harvested and sold and the hay is baled and stacked friend,



Sunday Stills—Weather or Not

Farming is going strong here.  The morning always starts out good, but by the end of the day the wind comes up.

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Go here for more Sunday Stills and more weather in other parts of the world.

Happy Spring Sunday!


Late Winter is Turning into Early Spring

Driving was a huge pain yesterday.  All the way to and from Paonia the wind was playing havoc with the visibility.

I always try to console myself that the wind really does have a purpose…if we didn’t get the wind the sap in the trees and bushes wouldn’t be able to rise from the roots warming up the trunks and the branches.

But sometimes….I get to thinking how tiring late winter really can be. 

Then I realize that late winter, really means early spring!  Early spring…that is a good thing.

When I got home I saw this

A green little plant of wild mustard.


Corn’s Up!


And the lilacs are blooming!


Plus everywhere I get to pick up plastic shopping bags!  Even in the lilac bushes!  The wind has been amazing this year, bringing with it dust, dirt, mud rain, and other people’s trash. 


As long as there is snow in the mountains surrounding us we will have wind, but once the visible snow is gone it stops.  We have had more wind than normal, so possibly there is more snow in ‘them thar hills’ than normal? 

Today it is around 81*, lovely.  No wind, just sun and blue, blue skies.  Ahhhh.