The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Bubbles

The kids in this family, well, not Mom and Dad’s family….Misty’s family, seem to love to come over to Grammy and Grandpa’s.  It seems like they are here at least once a day, if not more.  I really don’t mind.

I don’t even mind if Hank comes with them, which he always does.

I don’t even mind if Linki takes the curry comb and tries to brush me.  I hope you caught that word tries.    I keep moving and moving so she finally just gives up.

Hee  hee

I don’t even mind the goats coming over, Boomer is getting better about the goats– I keep working with him.

What I do mind is Boomer and Hank.  They get to playing so hard, laughing and barking and rough housing that that I get to thinking someone or something is coming down the road to the house and I missed barking at whomever or whatever is coming.

So I jump up, sometimes from a very sound sleep, quickly get my bearings and take off running out to the road barking as loud as I can so whomever or whatever knows there I’m on duty.

What’s really frustrating is when Hank and Boomer are together I can’t tell what’s happening.  So when I jump up and run to the driveway and see there is nothing there…well (to save face) I start barking at the birds.  I’ll even run right out in the alfalfa field so they will think I have always been barking at the birds.

So back to my story-

The grandchildren were up, and Hank, and Mom-mom, everyone was sitting around on the east patio as it was now in the shade. So that means the sun was in the west and the day was starting to cool down.

My Mom went into the house and came out with a box loaded with GUNS!!!!

Three of them to be sure!

Also a HUGE bottle of bubble making stuff!

That is all it took.

You mix bubble making supplies together with three little kids and you get lots of fun on a late summer day.

What surprised me and everyone else is Hank, oops I mean Puff.

He loved them as much as the little kids.

He jumped and twirled and tried to catch bubbles all afternoon.

Along about dark, he sank down to the grass and just went to sleep.

My Mom gathered up all the bubble making stuff and took it inside.

I sure don’t understand Puff.  Who would have thought bubbles could be so much fun.  I watched all afternoon, not once going out to bark at the birds.  Boomer watched too. Although, every once in a while Boomer would wrestle with Hank.  Boomer didn’t know what to do with the bubbles either.

Beats me!