My May Post on Trees

My monthly post is a tad bit late….I had to do the History post on Thursday and what would Friday be like with out Fuzzy and Boomer …. a wee bit lonely I do believe…so here is my tree post today June 2, 2012

Lots and lots of lovely shade giving green leaves.

And as a delightful blog friend   Ceclia, from New Zealand, now living and farming in America says: “A bendy tree day”!

If you get a chance zip on over and visit Ceclia…you will meet Momma Sheep, several little pigs, a cow who is going to calf any moment and beautiful Kupa, not to mention all the wonderful chickens.

For those of you who love to cook, she is a delightful cook, sharing recipes will all of us.

This is such a lovely time of year!