It’s Good Fences Thursday— June 19, 2014

(The white roses in my yard are beautiful right now)

I know this is weird, but I like cemeteries.  I love the feeling of peace and calm that prevails. If our town would have ever hired a woman as a caretaker for the cemetery I would have liked to be that person.

I like cemeteries so much I do research for people interested in getting a photo of a headstone in their family.  I also help find people who have lost the knowledge they have an empty plot in a local cemetery.

My children have grown up waling around with me looking for this headstone or that.  They have also grown up reading the headstones…some are very sad.

Delta is a fairly young town —established in 1883, so our stones only go back that far.

Every month I go to the two in our town, refreshing the the faded silks flowers I placed upon the many graves of family.


On my last visit I realized that the corner fences would work perfectly for The Run*A*Round Ranch’s Good Fences and Gates Thursday.

I felt that these corner fences do a nice job of keeping people off the grass and corralling the stone…:)  Just a joke…please don’t send hate email!

If you would like to visit Theresa and her many blogging friends and there fences (and gates) head over here.  While you are there post a fence or two of your own!  Good fences always make good neighbors; in this case neighbors from around the globe!

Your friend,



Graveyards–Sunday Stills

I love Graveyards.  I like spending time in the peace and silence of cemeteries

There is just so much history there.  So many lives that have made up this wild and wonderful world we live in

I also love family research

History, Genealogy, cemeteries  all rolled up in one place.  Pretty Nice.

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